Colorado car accident 101: When to hire a personal injury attorney

 Colorado car accident 101: When to hire a personal injury attorney

Accidents happen all the time. In fact, millions of auto accidents are reported in the US every year. The numbers in Colorado are not encouraging anyway. Just because you were involved in a car accident doesn’t mean that you should file an injury lawsuit against the other driver. Colorado follows the part-fault rule. This means if you have 20% role in the accident, your share in the compensation will reduce accordingly. So, should you hire a Pueblo car accident lawyer for your case? Here are some circumstances to consider. 

You don’t know the laws and your rights

One of the key reasons why you would want to consult a personal injury attorney is to know the laws, rights, and other relevant information. A good lawyer will check all details and establish liability in the case, following which they will advise on whether you should pursue your claim and if your personal injury lawsuit will hold in the first place. Your personal injury attorney will also advice on other aspects, like what to realistically expect in terms of compensation. 

You don’t want to deal with insurance companies 

Insurance adjusters may make an instant offer for settlement, hoping that you will accept what is being offered. If you don’t have any experience of working with insurance companies, you should consider hiring a lawyer, who will negotiate on your behalf. Most personal injury attorneys, with experience of car accident claims, know what it takes to get the right settlement from insurance companies. They know the tactics that adjusters often use for tricking victims, and they will work accordingly. 

You are partly at fault

Sometimes, it is not immediately clear as how is to be blamed for an accident. If you have a part role in the accident, working with a personal injury attorney can actually help, because the other party would try to blame you for the accident. Secondly, you also need a lawyer to ensure that your interests are protected, because insurance companies, police, and other parties are not interested in your settlement.

Representation in court

While most personal injury claims related to car accidents are settled outside of court, but in case there is a need to go to trial, your lawyer should be able to handle that. This is also a reason why you need a lawyer. 

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Laura Daniel