5 Tips for Avoiding Joint Injuries During Your Workout Routine

    5 Tips for Avoiding Joint Injuries During Your Workout Routine

Health is progressive. There are always new trends with different diet plans and workout routines. From CrossFit training to pilates, people would surely love to try these without considering their safety. As they browse online, everyone will encourage them: hey, you need to try this because I lost weight and toned my muscles. But, has there been a person who told them to look after their health and safety too? Going into a workout routine without safety measures may lead to shoulder rotator cuff tear or hip labral tear in Singapore.

In this generation that values self-love and fitness, working out is a normal part of your daily routine. Since you are still young, you might not look after your safety because you know you are still strong. Do not be too confident because you still need to protect yourself during your exercise routine.

What are the Common Causes of Joint Injuries During Exercise

When exercising, you will jump, run, jog, plank, and do a series of movements simultaneously. Without proper guidance, you may experience joint injuries that lead to total hip arthroplasty in Singapore. And unfortunately, some injuries may affect your body performance permanently. For better knowledge, learn the common reasons why injuries occur during your workout routine.

  • Improper Body Positioning – Are you using dumbbells? If so, you must know the proper positioning to avoid such injuries. Otherwise, you would experience dislocation and muscle soreness.
  • Accident Fall or Slip – When exercising, you will jump, especially during cardio exercises. If you are not careful, you may fall because of the slippery floor. It will cause your hip labral tear and affect your physical movement.
  • Overusing a Muscle Area and Joints – Your workout sessions should have a rotation. You can start with your upper body, then the next day for your lower body. Also, do not forget your ab section. If you do not do this, you will overuse a muscle area or joints and cause injuries.
  • Sudden Change or Movement – When lifting weights, you must be careful with how you handle the dumbbells. Avoid sudden movements or changes as they can cause a shoulder labral tear in Singapore. So, remember to be mindful when using heavy workout equipment.
  • Heavy Impact – Of course, when working out, you may sometimes exercise with friends. An accident can also happen during this situation because of repeated impact. And repeated collisions can also lead to joint injuries.

Working out is healthy, but you still need to protect your safety. Continue reading this article to learn more tips about preventing joint injuries like shoulder rotator cuff tear and hip labral tear in Singapore.


Tips for Avoiding Joint Injuries During Workout Routine

Your safety matters when working out. Do not just focus on the result but also your journey towards your body goal. It is because your journey also plays a significant role that can help you appreciate your progress. Take your fitness goals slowly but surely. In doing so, you can avoid such injuries as a shoulder labral tear in Singapore.

Here are some tips for avoiding joint injuries during a workout routine.

1) Wear Protective Equipment

One thing you should not forget to do is wear protective equipment when doing your workout routine. Wear protective gear in sensitive areas like your joint pads,  knee pads, shoulder brace, etc. For this reason, you can protect yourself from heavy impacts that can cause bodily injuries. If left untreated, you may experience diseases that require you to attend hip arthritis treatment. Do not forget to invest in protective gear to help you have a safer exercise routine.

It can also help you enjoy your journey because you are safe and free from accidents. Wearing protective equipment is also beneficial when joining sports activities or even in your daily life routine.

2) Hire Fitness Trainers

You can also hire fitness trainers for professional guidance to know the proper body position. This way, you can prevent hurting yourself because there is someone who is telling you if you did something wrong. Fitness trainers will also help you pick the appropriate workout routine for your fitness level. And they will not force you to do a heavy workout right away. The trainers will also remind you about your safety which can help you prevent injuries like shoulder and hip labral tear in Singapore.

3) Warm Up and Cool Down

Stiff muscles are prone to more injury, especially if you are moving. During your workout, you will do various actions, like jumping, running, walking, planking, etc. If you do not have any warm-up sessions, it can make your muscles sore and overly tired.

If you ignore these signs, your health will deteriorate, and you may need to attend a total hip arthroplasty in the future. For this reason, you must do warm-up exercises for at least five to ten minutes. It will not take long, so do not skip this part. You will also need to cool down after your workout session. It is to relax your body and prevent damaging your muscles.

4) Take a Rest

Working out does not mean you have to overwork your body. It is also better to take a break because your body may suffer from fatigue to a shoulder rotator cuff tear. For this reason, set a schedule for your break time. May it be two to three times a week. Do not feel guilty when you are sitting down and doing nothing. It is because you are still making progress when resting your body. Plus, it avoids injury.

5) Rotate Your Routine

Suppose you want to achieve a toned body. You must rotate your routine from the upper body, abs, and lower body. It is better to change your workout sessions from time to time. If not, you will overwork a particular joint and cause a shoulder or hip labral tear. The best way to rotate your routine is to plan your workouts. After this, you can stick to your schedule and see improvement after months of your effort.

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