10 Products to think about When Installing a group RFID Readers System

 10 Products to think about When Installing a group RFID Readers System

Simply to list a few:

RFID tag, software and hardware selection

Site survey and workflow analysis

Evidence of concept testing

System design


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However, during installation, it’s smart to look for the alongside produce your installation as smooth as possible:

Only connect / disconnect an RFID antenna with an RFID readers once the method is powered off .

Squeeze antennas to boost the dwell time (time tag spends within the read zone when you are traveling through).

Install antennas through getting a flexible swivel mount for adjustment within the antenna height and position to change the read zone.

Certain RF cable connectors are tight!

Safeguard the RFID readers and antennas so that they don’t get bumped, moved or broken.

Make sure that LED’s and visual indicators across the RFID device are often visible. Helpful to those who so that you can visually verify status lights.

When mounting RFID readers, make sure that you will find enough spacing to make certain that cables could be added or removed afterwards.

Cable lengths in one readers to pairs of antennas must be equal (to make sure the attenuation is equal).

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Visually inspect the installed AC outlets and Ethernet cable runs.

Check functions of I/O devices additionally for their correct placement.