Tips For Arranging Your Furniture At Your New Apartment

One of the most exciting yet tedious parts of moving into your place is arranging the indoor and outdoor furniture you bought in Malaysia in your apartment. If you get everything right, your 75 inch TV would fit just right in your bedroom. But if you have the wrong dimension estimation, expect your coffee table in Malaysia to crowd your living room.

Here are some furniture arranging tips you can try after moving into your place:

1. Create a focal point.

The focal point is the area of focus or attention of the space. It can be an art piece, a window with a picturesque view, your 75 inch TV or a fireplace. If you have finally determined the focal point, you can start arranging your furniture around it. Make sure nothing covers the focal point.

2. Make sure the entryways are open.

Never let your bean bag chair block the foot traffic inside the house. It is better to place your gigantic furniture against the wall to maximise the space. When arranging your couch or sofa and coffee table in Malaysia, ensure enough room for the guests’ legs, and they should be able to walk around the coffee table with ease.

3. Keep the balance.

It is better to opt for small yet functional furniture if you have a small space. Don’t put large furniture and equipment, like your fridge and induction cooker, together. Try combining tiny and humongous fittings.

4. Utilise the light.

Never cover your window with your gigantic furniture. Keeping it open will provide natural light that illuminates your space, giving the illusion of a bigger room. Putting your office table and Asus laptop near the window also sparks creativity while working.

5. Take advantage of storage.

It is better to buy furniture with drawers and chests for extra storage. You can hide your Asus laptop inside the office table drawer or your induction cooker in the cupboard of your kitchen countertop.

Don’t let your furniture stress you out by trying these tips.

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William N. Ferranti