Pee and poop in the right place: tiny guide for Frenchie puppy

 Pee and poop in the right place: tiny guide for Frenchie puppy

To start with, let’s make one thing clear: training French bulldog to pee and poop in the right place is a task that requires monk patience. Of course there are exceptions, but it is not for nothing that the Frenchie is in 49th position in the ranking of canine intelligence.

To occupy this position in the ranking means that

Frenchie dog can learn a new command between 40 to 80 repetitions. Sometimes it takes about 25 repetitions for them to start showing some sign of understanding regarding the new command. It is also natural for this group of dogs that a succession of repetitions is necessary before they can perform the proposed exercise. Even though these dogs have already assimilated the command through repetitions they may still show little interest in executing the command.

This canine group needs to be encouraged with a considerable dose of persistence and a lot of patience as responding to this type of exercise is definitely not inherent in their personality. They demonstrate attitudes that make it look like they have completely forgotten what you expect of them.

For those who are taking a Frenchie home

Take a vacation when your Frenchie arrive. It will make all the difference in his training. Correcting errors in behavior takes much more work than teaching correct habits. Limit the space he can use in the house and increase that space gradually as he “deserves” it. We understand that puppies are cute and beautiful that nobody wants to impose rules on beings so small and unprotected, but think of it as an investment in your future well-being. Keep all carpets and put them back in place after your dog is trained. If by chance your puppy takes a single pee on the carpet you are lost. He will always look for the carpet to relieve himself.

The technique is very simple

In the first week of your Frenchie at home, commit to watching him 100% of the time. If you notice that he is getting ready to pee or poop, take him and take him to the correct place. Wait patiently for him to meet your needs and reward him with a tasty and affectionate snack. When training an older dog it is great to leave him in the crate for approximately 30 minutes after meals. So offer meals at the same time to create an intestinal routine in your dog. Puppies tend to defecate as soon as they eat.