Main First Aid procedures 

 Main First Aid procedures 

Appropriate medical treatment should be applied before paramedics come to the area. Basic first aid strategies are required for first aiders who must be efficient and capable to take control over the emergency. This aspect cannot be achieved successfully without the proper preparedness of first aiders. Therefore, Erste Hilfe Kurs copes with this problem effectively. The introduction of basic knowledge of how to behave in an urgent situation is obtained with erste hilfe kurs München neuperlach süd directly.

Basic help for bleeding

When talking about bleeding, providing techniques to control bleeding should be taken into consideration. Mild bleeding may stop without additional specialty help. Serious bleeding can lead to shock and a fatal ending if it is not taken under control. Applying the following techniques for granting first aid will straightforwardly overcome the injury: 

  1. Clean the affected area with water.
  2. Cover it with antiseptic gauze pads.
  3. Manage direct pressure to stop bleeding.
  4. Don’t remove the gauze, some pads can be added to stop the flow.
  5. Make sure the qualified help is coming and the injured person is responding.

Providing help for burns

When managing a burn, the burning process must be stopped at first. You need to get rid of chemicals, turn off the electricity, and so on. Despite the reason for burns, first, you have to stop the burning and only after that treat the burn. Mind, serious burns should be treated by specialists, so call for an ambulance will grant proper care. 

First aid steps for first and second-degree burns require: 

  • Pour some water to the affected area
  • Gently apply a gauze pad
  • Don’t cover the injury with ointments and butter
  • Take a painkiller to relieve the pain
  • Don’t break formed blisters

When providing help for mentioned minor injuries, the first aid kit should be fully stocked with appropriate medications.

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