How to have a socially distanced bucks party  

 How to have a socially distanced bucks party   

No one planned for what we’ve been going through. There was no warning and on the beginning, no urgency in dealing with Covid and then it spread far and fast. The plans. We now have to plan and navigate our lives around it.

Bucks parties used to be the highlight of most men who are about to be married or at least, their mates. These days it’s hard to imagine what they should be like, because of all these restrictions that we have to adhere to. Social distancing will make planning a bucks party hard but it is not impossible to have one. You just need to be a little inventive about how or where.

There are some great bucks party ideas Melbourne you could try that will be fun for you and your mates. A lot of venues that typically host bucks parties are now open however you can put your own spin on the activities you and you mates can do. Here are some buck party ideas to help you make the most of your party:

#1. Capture the flag

This game is great for outdoor play. You’ve probably played it at some point as a child. There are different versions of it. Basically, teams have to battle each other out or go through different obstacles to capture the other teams flag whilst trying hard not to have their own flag captured. This means each team will have an attack squad and someone guarding the flag. Make it a paintball war game. Make it more interesting with the reward for capturing the game. For instance, you could say that the winning team gets to choose the nights entertainment, for example: strip club vs bar crawl.

#2. “Who’s the man” challenge

Give the lads a chance to prove who amongst them is the man by getting them to participate in a number of outdoorsy games. Who’s the rage buddy? Have a quad bike race, throw in some archery and axe throwing. The winner not only gets to be alpha male for the day but he gets a special reward. Don’t let him be too cocky about it, think of something ridiculous to bring him down his lofty ledge at the end of the day but keep it a surprise until night time when you hit the bar or club. You could make him wear a pretty dress with a tiara and dub him “Fairy Princess” for the night.

#3. footgolf

Combine football and golf to create a new sport that all your friends is a will love. How? There should be a goal post and golf holes. The guys should play a number of holes and the last hole they have to dribble a soccer ball past one or two guys whose sole purpose is to stop them from getting the ball to the goal post. Time each turn. Some guys will be bad at getting the gold ball in the holes or scoring a goal. It gets even frantic because it is timed and infinitely ridiculous if they have to play in heels.

#4. Naked painting

Instead of the age old stripper at a bucks party ideas Melbourne, try naked painting. You can book a stripper not to do the usual strip tease routine but to become a subject of an art class. Don’t worry, no one needs to be good at drawing, the point is to look at a naked woman as long as you want and try and try to express whatever feelings that arise on paper.

These ideas may sound ridiculous but isn’t that the point of a bucks party? These don’t require you to be in a club which means you don’t have to worry about social distancing. All that is required is creativity and a wicked sense of humor.

Robert Desauza