Dealing with sexual harassment at work: Contact a lawyer!

 Dealing with sexual harassment at work: Contact a lawyer!

No one should have to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is not quite as uncommon as many imagine, and it is also a common myth that only women face sexual harassment. The NY Department of Human Rights states that employers can be held responsible for sexual harassment in the workplace, if the act was a fault of a co-owner, manager or supervisor. If the sexual harassment incident was a fault of another employee, the employer can be held responsible, if they knew or should have known about it, or if they failed to act, once the incident was reported. At any workplace, having a sexual harassment policy is a must anyway. 

If you believe that you have suffered sexual harassment at the workplace, you need to get a lawyer. There are some amazing Queens sexual harassment lawyers, who have vast experience in such cases, and they can guide you from the start.  

‘Should I hire an attorney?’

This is often the first question that many victims ask. Dealing with sexual harassment at work is not easy, especially if it comes from someone who is in a position of power and authority. You may brush off a single incident, but if the person continues to harass you, which may even mean something like passing lewd remarks, you should file a complaint. A lawyer is your best bet in understanding the strength of your sexual harassment complaint and if you should file a lawsuit in the first place. You should definitely hire a sexual harassment lawyer, if 

  • You have reported sexual harassment on the job but no action was taken
  • You filed a complaint and are now facing retaliation
  • You have been fired or demoted from the job
  • You are being subjected to further harassment at the work place. 

Working with a lawyer

If your case holds merit, your lawyer can help you file a civil lawsuit against your employer and the party at fault. This will help you get justice and compensation that you truly deserve for your suffering. If you have been removed from the job, your lawyer will fight for reinstatement, loss of wages, and other costs you were needed to incur, including attorney fees. 

Not all sexual harassment attorneys are the same, so find one with experience and ensure that you share a fair overview of the case with them. The right lawyer can further investigate the matter to gather evidence. 

Ferina Jenny