5 Sentimental Gifts for the Special One

 5 Sentimental Gifts for the Special One

Giving and receiving gifts has their power, which is why it becomes one of the love languages. Creating gifts for your loved ones means you put your warmth, love, and appreciation into something you can both hold, use, or experience. Valentine is coming up, and you should take this as one of the few opportunities you can express your love and appreciation to your loved ones. You can always give them valentines flowers Singapore or chocolate bouquet Singapore with ease on the special day of love. It is simply a click away from your favorite online florist. But, what if you want to add more sentimental feels to it? To create a sentimental gift, you need to incorporate uniqueness and thoughtfulness. Below are 5 ideas that you can choose that would be a perfect companion to the flowers or chocolates you’re giving your loved one on Valentine’s.


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There are a lot of print ideas that you can use. The simplest one would be selecting your favorite couple image from Instagram, put them into a collage, and turn them into frame prints. This may sound easy, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the grandest gesture. But, if you still want to add a more sentimental feel to the prints, here are more ideas. Pick a song that you both love, preferably romantic ones, and put them into the prints. Another idea would be going to maps and see the coordinates of where you both meet for the first time. This makes a simple yet sentimental print. 

The possibility is limitless from quotes, lyrics, saying, artists, pets, travel destination, or even sound-wave. This shows that you put a lot of thought into this gift. The prints would be hanging on your loved one’s room or sitting neatly on their desks for years to come. This would be even much more sentimental for long-distance relationships.

DIY Lottery

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A great idea for an easy DIY gift is a lottery. Write down some date night ideas on paper or popsicle sticks. You can get as many as 365 popsicles so you both won’t run out of date ideas for at least a year! There are fun and unique ideas out there. Once one of the ideas is checked, you and your partner could write or draw on them for a keepsake. Besides date ideas, you can also write some personal messages that would uplift him or her, in which they can pick one daily to uplift their morning mood. You have to make sure they feel loved every time they wake up! These are simple and easy to make but will surely deepen your connection every single day you are together. While you are at it, why not put them in chocolate bouquet Singapore? You could do whatever date idea is on the list while munching some chocolate together!

Engraved Accessories

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Whether it is a timepiece or jewelry, engraved accessories have been a classic for decades. These are what your loved one can wear every day, or even forever, especially with the amount of personal sentimental value in there. The engraving could be names, handwriting, or even fingerprints. If your loved one loves astrology, you can also give a necklace with their zodiac sign. Another idea is to get them a necklace or bracelet with their birthstone, which you can then engrave with anything you like. There are also necklaces with mini letter charms. The price range for this gift depends on the material, so you can adjust it however you prefer. However, if you want something that is not only thoughtful and timeless, a watch would never go wrong.

An Adventure

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As the pandemic has hit us hard, travelling hasn’t been an option for the past year. While it might not be an option now, it’s never wrong to look forward to it. Planning your next adventure right now shows commitment and long-term vision into the relationship. If you still want to go right now, staycation could be an option, or even just lunch in the park. But, it’s still possible to plan next year’s trip, for instance. It doesn’t have to be a vacation. Concerts and games are some of the activities your partner might be excited to go! Live online concert that you both could watch while snuggling in sofas or beds, that could be an option as well!


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There is something about scents that are sentimental, and even nostalgic. Think about unique, specific scents that you both love. It could be spraying your perfume, favorite candles, or even scents that remind you both of certain memories. This is a small yet meaningful gesture where the meaning is understood, amping up the sentimental value of the gift. If your partner loves scents so much, restock their favorite perfume or take them shopping. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones you seek together! Pair them with matching valentines flowers Singapore to make the gift even more romantic.

If giving gifts is one of your love languages, you are in luck. You have the power to turn your love into something holdable! But this doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult for you to find the perfect gift for your loved one. These 5 sentimental gifts above are unique and personalized, yet very practical and could be kept years to come. Whether you celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together as a boyfriend and girlfriend, or even with someone you have bound in marriage, these gifts above are perfect. All gift ideas on this list, no matter how affordable they are, are personal and romantic for the day of love. You’d want it to be remembered as you get older, and sentimental gifts are the perfect way to make sure that happens. Remember to pair them with valentines flowers Singapore or chocolate bouquet Singapore to make it even more memorable. In the end, no matter which gift you choose, there is no doubt that your partner will love them because it comes from your heart!