Why It Is Necessary for Women to do Weight Training

 Why It Is Necessary for Women to do Weight Training

Maintaining the right body weight and muscle mass is the key to stay active. You need to keep your body fat at bay to look good and stay away from diseases as you age. Resistance training is a wonderful way to build muscle mass at a much faster rate. Actually, the percentage of women who are participating in weight training is very low. Women, who are exercising spend a lot of their time in the gymnasium while doing cardiovascular exercises. You may have your own reasons to avoid weights, but in this article, we will discuss the benefits of using gym equipment for women for strength training.

Benefits of strength training

It does not matter if you are not interested in joining a gym; you can do the entire body workout at home by using dumbbells. It will make you physically stronger and you will find a significant difference in your daily living. It is obvious to take help while rearranging the couch or bed, but after strength training, you will realize that you can do it at your own. You will find it easy to lift kids, groceries and other things in your daily routine. When your body’s strength will increase, you will find your daily tasks less fatiguing.

It will increase your strength without bulk

Women do not gain big muscle mass because they are not genetically designed for it. This is in comparison with men as women have 10 to 30 times less secretion of hormones that are responsible for muscle hypertrophy. This is the reason after exercise will not make women bulky rather it will burn body fat.

Decrease the chances of osteoporosis

Women are much likely to develop osteoporosis after 40 years of age. To know about osteoporosis, check your bone density. The right exercise and dietary calcium will safeguard you from developing osteoporosis.

It will reduce the chances of coronary diseases

Weight training is beneficial in several ways to decrease the percentage of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol level. It will control blood pressure and these are the added benefits, which you will get by strength training. Regular training will strengthen your heart.

It is never too late to start

Generally, women have a perception that they have crossed a certain age and now it is not good for them to start exercising. After 50 years of age, they will not be able to increase their body strength. On the contrary, several studies have shown that women even in their 70s and 80s have gained significant strength after using gym equipment for women.

Robert Desauza