Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot for your Wedding?

 Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot for your Wedding?

A drone for your wedding! It seems like a good idea because it ensures you original images, different angles of view to complete the footage. In addition, it allows you to bring entertainment during the reception, and to amaze the guests with the high tech and trendy side! But for this, it is advisable to hire a professional drone pilot.

Hire a Drone Pilot to Benefit from a Quality Service

The use of a drone at a wedding can be very interesting for making unique overall aerial shots. Later on, you can fit them into a full story or into a video that sums up your big day. In this case, the effect can be startling. Moreover, we see daily images taken by drones, inserted in video montages: broadcasts, TV news, etc. But it is clear that they are often in introduction or in transition in a well-constructed montage, and rarely the real background of the whole footage!

A few wide shots of the vineyard, of the castle that welcomes your wedding, or of the park in which you marry can add a real plus to your footage. But this is just a backdrop, your wedding being the main topic! The images of the places must not make your video or report fall into the register of its own promotion, otherwise you would make a nice off topic! You can hire a drone pilot who will know exactly what to do. They will highlight your wedding while bringing more modern and exceptional touches that will enhance the setting. At the same time, your guests will also be able to focus on the marriage ceremony.

Hire a Drone Pilot to Make Legal Shots

If you want to take aerial images by drone for your wedding, you should know that there are a lot of rules to follow imperatively. It is better to hire a drone operator who has completed remote pilot training since he must know the rules in question. In addition, the drone must be declared or even registered. It can only fly in a private area with permission from the owner or outside a built-up area. Respect for airspace and no-fly zones remains important. Moreover, the drone must be kept in direct view at all times. You will understand then that it is better to call an expert to avoid legal problems. Take time to compare the available offers in order to make the right choice.