What to Do Before Writing the Letter for Asking Medical Financial Support

 What to Do Before Writing the Letter for Asking Medical Financial Support

Medical bills can quickly add up in the event of a medical emergency and serious health issues. For instance, after the accident, the victim may need expensive surgery, rehabilitation, and long term care. Even though you have insurance to cover up the medical bills, it is not covering all the expenses. Keep in mind that medical debt is an unsecured debt.

The first thing you need to do to minimize the medical bill is sending the medical hardship letter. When it comes to writing the letter asking for financial support for medical expenses, you need to be aware of the following aspects. It helps you to get the financial support quickly and easily.

Things To Do Beforehand

  • Verify The Debt Details

The first thing you have to do is verifying the details of the debt. Usually, hospitals and other medical service providers make some errors in their medical billing. According to the studies, about 80% of the hospital bills have errors. So, you have to take some time to inspect the bill or even ask your family members or friend to do it. Many sites are there to help you read the medical bill. It helps you to minimize the amount dramatically on the bill.

  • Negotiate With The Hospital

Next, you have to negotiate with the doctor or hospital for an affordable repayment plan. You should not take huge cash advances on your credit card to pay the medical bill. It may disqualify you from the Medicaid in the future. You must notify the medical creditor as quickly as you get to know that you cannot repay the debt.

  • Keep The Records

If you decide to write the hardship letter, you have to keep a meticulous record of all the details with the medical creditors. It includes the phone numbers, dates, and much more. You have to make the payment every month on the bill even though it is a small amount.

Laura Daniel