What Body Type Looks Best In High-Waisted Jeans?

 What Body Type Looks Best In High-Waisted Jeans?


We all know that high-waisted jeans came back into fashion a few years ago and are here to stay, after all, the model values ​​– and a lot – the woman’s body. And the best part: high-waisted jeans, in addition to enhancing curves, can be used on many different occasions. So, keep an eye out for the ideal tips for each body type and rock your high-waisted jeans!

Triangle body: with wider hips and narrow shoulders, women with this type of body should wear a high waist marking the waist and opt for a straighter cut, which does not mark the legs. Besides, it’s good to avoid very colourful or light prints and pants, which increase the hips.

Rectangular body: if you have the same measurements, hips, and shoulders, high-waisted pants should be your best friend because they mark the waist and divide your body. You can use the skinny model (with a very tight hem) that looks beautiful and enhances your curves.

Oval body: the fullest women should bet on pants with a waistband above the navel and a straight cut. Dark tones look great!

Inverted triangle body: with the shoulders wider than the hips, bet on coloured pants or light tones, which give volume to the lower part of the body. To choose the best jeans (as well as other pieces of clothing) for your body in online clothing Singapore, you first need to know what you like and don’t like about them, to know what will disguise and what will bring out your silhouette.

But it is essential to say that the pants alone do not shorten, do not increase the hips, do nothing, but that you will see their impact on the silhouette according to the coordination of pieces (and colours and fits and lines and shapes) that can yes minimize any effects we don’t want to create when dressing.  Let’s see below:

Jeans for those who are short

But if you’re short and want to look taller, check out these tips:

  • Slim models like the skinny are best for lengthening the silhouette;
  • Avoid torn jeans with lighter washes (called a moustache);
  • Medium- and high-waisted pants can make you look taller and are best clothes shopping online;
  • Flare pants lengthen the silhouette and look better when worn with high heels, which guarantees several extra centimetres. Don’t forget to hem the pants, as leftover fabric makes them look ugly and compromises the fit of the garment.
  • Jeans for those who want to disguise hips and ass

If you have wide hips and a big ass and want to dress up, see the following tips:

  • Best to avoid faded and worn jeans;
  • opt for jeans without pockets or details (effects or textures) on the front and sides;
  • Straight pants are best for disguising hips and butt. If worn with the hem of the pants folded, showing the ankle and shin will make it look like the silhouette is even smaller;
  • Use pant courts that are darker and opaquer than the top;
  • Flare and boot cut pants (which have a slightly open mouth) help because they draw attention to the hem of the pants and balance the silhouette;
  • Avoid low-slung pants, preferring medium or high waists.

In addition to the pants, think about how to look away from this part by drawing attention to other parts of the body, neutralizing the bottom, and drawing attention to the top. It is worth using pieces with colours, prints, volume, details, among others.

Jeans for those with thick thighs

  • The ideal is to get comfortable and draw attention to the upper part of the body to balance the silhouette.
  • Invest in darker washes;
  • Straight pants and looser fits are ideal for disguising thick thighs;
  • Avoid faded, torn, and worn-out jeans in the thigh area;
  • Coloured, printed, or light-toned jeans should also be avoided;
  • Skinny pants, which are very tight to the legs, also visually enhance.

Jeans for those who are very skinny

You can resort to jeans with details at the hip: Worn washes, applications, and pockets with pleats or buttons;

The skinny model (which is the best for showing curves), and the flare (bell mouth style), in addition to the boot cut models (straight to the knee and wide at the hem), Pantalone and boyfriend (wide pants with high waistband) are the best for those who are very thin and short;

  • Invest in light and colourful pants, in addition to printed ones;
  • To show off your waist, wear pants with a high waistband and a tighter blouse;
  • Pieces with a knife pocket on the front and large pockets on the back add more volume to the butt;
  • Boyfriend pants can help add volume, and combine with thin heels, Birkin, sneakers, flat, loafer, sneakers, and oxford.
  • If you are also skinny at the top, you can also use blouses with volume, bright colours, prints, and details.