What are marked cards, and where can you find them?

 What are marked cards, and where can you find them?

Marked cards are those cards that have been marked either on its whole back or the edges with a special ink that is invisible to the eye but can be seen with a lens.

These types of cards are mainly used for cheating in poker games, and also they are used for doing magic by the magicians.

With this device, you can easily guess who is going to win a particular round which is going on, and you can decide your next move accordingly.

These lenses are kind of an x-ray which makes you able to see the marking very easily and that too on any side of the cards if you look at them.

Poker cheating device

Marked cards are one of the most famous poker cheating devices as in the normal casino the player will lose money while the casino gains.

So many people use this method to play poker games in these casinos so that they can also win some games and make some profit for themselves.

Buy marked cards and more

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You can buy several things from our website and not only cards and lens, but you can also purchase cheating equipment for different games like roulette.

The most common game for which the customers come is for poker and roulette, but the new thing which they are demanding is the cheating device for dominoes.

To carefully look at these marked cards, you will need a special UV lens that requires you to have a lens that is invisible to the guards and the security checking.

If you are caught wearing a lens, then you will either be told to remove them, or you will be thrown out of the casino and not let enter again.

The cards have to mark with special luminous ink which is invisible to other kinds of lens and light but can only be seen with a particular lens.

You can get the lens equipped in many devices like you can fit these into the sunglasses frame, or you can just simply put them in your eye.

There is also a way in which you can make the lens like this that you can fit them in your spectacles lens, which will also make it impossible to be detected.

Poker cheat software

There are also different kinds of software in the market that can help you to cheat in any game you want, which is done with the help of a machine.

These kind of game are either slots or those poker game which are equipped with an automatic distributing card machine which can be hacked.

With this software, you can easily hack into any device which is near your radius and that through with your phone and no one will be able to see that the device is hacked.

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