Vape Liquid Solutions: What You can choose

 Vape Liquid Solutions: What You can choose

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CBD oil as such is by no means suitable for vaping, at least not in an e-cigarette. For vaping in a normal e-cigarette tank, it is best to use a product that contains the standard composition of VG and PG. So you can be sure that the device can tolerate the liquid, regardless of whether the bottle says CBD Vape Oil or CBD E-Liquid.

E-cigarette vs. vaporizer

There are also other devices that make it possible to vaporize and consume CBD oil yourself. However, it is not necessarily very recommendable, as residues could settle in the lungs, which leads to so-called lipid pneumonia.

The crushed flowers or granules are usually filled directly into vaporizers and exposed to a high temperature so that the ingredients dissolve and can be inhaled with the steam. The liquid in the e-cigarette, on the other hand, contains some of the cannabidiol and is evaporated together with the other components via the coil.

Concentration or dosage of the cannabidiol

The dosages in the common e-liquids on the market can vary greatly. For the most part, the dosages are now given in absolute numbers. A 10ml bottle contains around 50-200mg cannabidiol.

Since the effects have not yet been sufficiently tested, it is recommended to start with a concentration of the CBD in the e-liquid of 50mg and slowly approach the desired effect. How much you actually get depends of course on how much you vape.

Suppose you have a tank with a capacity of 2ml and fill it with the 50mg CBD e-liquid. If you then vape the whole tank empty, you have consumed a total of 10mg of CBD (50mg / 10ml x 2ml).

With percentages such as “contains a maximum of 5% CBD”, a certain skepticism is appropriate , after all the manufacturer cannot or does not want to specify the CBD content in these cases and one cannot be sure about the dose taken .

Make your own CBD e-liquids to taste

In principle, it is easily possible to make CBD e-liquid yourself. CBD is fat and alcohol soluble and since propylene glycol and glycerin are both forms of alcohol, it is sufficient to dissolve crystals in the base and heat them slightly. Under no circumstances should you heat over 50 ° C during this step, as otherwise the active ingredients will dissolve, which should only happen when you consume. Visit to find the best quality juice here.

However, extreme caution is required with the dosage. Starting with small amounts, trying several times, slowly approaching and documenting carefully is a great way to find the right dose.

Own taste is carried over to the e-cigarette

Specifically, a small, compact MTL device is ideal for vaping CBD e-liquid. It’s best to get your own, small device for the CBD e-liquid yourself, because the tank can retain the characteristic taste of the plant and transfer it to other liquids when it is refilled.


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