Troubleshooting 3 Common Office Shredder Machine Issues In Singapore 

A shredding machine in Singapore is one of the most common pieces of equipment in offices. They are functional and vital as well. Why do you have to shred your paper when you can crumple it and throw it in the bin?

The primary purpose of an office shredder machine in Singapore is to keep sensitive documents out of people’s hands. When the paper is shredded, it is complicated to put them back together and read its content. It is why sensitive and personal documents that are not needed anymore go to the shredder.

Shredder encounters several problems, including paper jams or being unable to shred paper. Here are the solutions to these common shredder problems.

PROBLEM #1: Paper Jam

Paper jam happens when multiple paper pages get stuck or clog the blades. There are many reasons for paper jams. One, you feed the machine with papers beyond its maximum limit. Two, the paper shredder shuts down in the middle of shredding. And three, it lacks lubrication.


Firstly, run the machine in reverse to release the jammed paper. Once released, check the blades for bits of paper that obstruct the blades. Remove the bits with a stick or tweezers to avoid injuries.

Try running your heavy duty shredder machine in Singapore, but this time feed it with fewer papers at a time.

PROBLEM #2: The shredder shuts down

Have you experienced shredding papers and then the shredding machine in Singapore suddenly shutting down? It is an easy fix!


The first solution is to ensure that your machine is plugged into the outlet. Check the cable for exposed wires as well.

If the machine is plugged in and there is no cable damage, the following solution is to give your equipment a rest. Like an air cleaner in Singapore, the shredding machine may stop working if it starts to overheat.

PROBLEM #3: Noisy shredding machine

Some shredding machines are naturally noisy, but if your office shredder machine is in Singapore and begins making unusual noises, your equipment has a problem with lubrication.


Just apply oil to lubricate the blade and move parts of your machine. Soaking your paper in oil and feeding it to the shredding machine can lubricate the blade, too. After the lubrication, your shredder should run smoothly and quietly.

You don’t have to call your technician to fix your broken office shredder because you can now do it yourself!

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Ferina Jenny