Top Retail Interior Design Trends In Singapore This 2022

 Top Retail Interior Design Trends In Singapore This 2022

Perhaps the greatest competition in retail stores today is the e-commerce platform. Why would people go to stores when they can buy anything and everything online while watching Netflix in their bed? However, outlet stores still have one card left– retail interior design in Singapore.

Besides the need to test and inspect the products, customers still go to stores because of their retail interior design. Don’t you believe it? In the age of social media, where people love to show off beautiful and hilarious things and experiences, having an extraordinaryretail interior design in Singapore is the key to attracting customers to the stores.

Browse your Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account, and you will see several posts about this restaurant with a 1970s concept or this grocery store with no checkout counter!

But the challenge for business owners is how to make their store compelling, unique, and attractive enough to garner attention on social media? Should you hire a festive decoration company in Singapore to help you create out-of-this-worldvisual merchandising displays?

Maybe you need to follow one of these retail interior designs!

Trending Retail Interior Designs In Singapore This 2022

The primary role ofretail interior design in Singapore is to influence the customers’ behaviour. For example, customers are less likely to visit the corner of your stores with low visual merchandising displays and narrow pathways simply because they don’t want to bump into the displays.

Have you ever wondered why bookstores display all their best titles by their windows yet jewellery stores only expose a couple of their necklaces, sometimes none at all? Besides jewellery attracting hoodlums in the street, limited displays give an impression of the exclusivity and luxury of the product.

So it is crucial for business owners to pay attention to their retail interior design and not just hire any museum exhibition design company. They have to come up with unique retail interior design concepts in Singapore.

Here are some trendy retail interior designs you can get inspiration from:

1. Technology

People love living in the future, and nothing will go wrong with bringing technology to them.

Small retail stores have started incorporating technology into their retail interior design through QR codes. People can pay for their purchases or receive discounts by scanning QR codes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing close contact with people has been one of the top defences against the deadly virus. To adapt to these changes, Skylark restaurants in Japan have given robot servers a try to lower transmission rates.

Besides incorporating technology in customer service, technology can also be incorporated in architecture and retail interior design in Singapore.

Take a look at this Apple store on Fifth Avenue, New York. This store is iconic for its glass cube entrance. They have turned the disadvantages of the store’s location into their advantage by building a glass entrance and an underground store.

2. Interactive customer experience

People don’t only go to your store for the products. Experience is also one of the contributors to why people come back to the stores. No matter how beautiful or unique the product is: if the service is inconvenient or the salespeople who assisted you are rude, you will never return to the store.

One perfect example of a retail store that provides a comfortable and convenient shopping experience to the customers is the Amazon Go. Unlike many grocery stores, Amazon Go has no checkout counters. The amount of the customer’s purchase is being automatically deducted once they are out of the store! You can learn more about Amazon Go here.

If you want some eccentricity to your restaurant and despise traditional visual merchandising displays, you can take an example from Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant. Unlike ordinary restaurants that offer live jazz and blues or heart-pounding cooking exhibitions, Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant flashes stark lights. People wearing odd costumes perform music, and most importantly, mechanical floats and robots offer patrons flashy performances for entertainment!

It is the advantage of outlet stores over e-commerce. E-commerce offers a convenient experience, whilst stores that are designed by a museum exhibition design company offer eccentric and unique shopping experiences.

3. Social Media-Friendly Retail Interior Design



In the age of social media, perhaps, you have encountered the term “Instagram worthy”. Instagram worthy or Instaworthy is a term used to describe a place or thing worth capturing with a camera and posting on social media. It can be a well-presented food in a five-star restaurant or a breathtaking picturesque view of nature.

The question is: how do you make your store Instaworthy? The answer is themes and concepts. For example, with the popularity of the Netflix show Stranger Things, many cafes and restaurants have grasped a 1980s-themed retail interior design in Singapore, with their chequered floor, flashy lights, and jukeboxes. The concept of nostalgia is a hit, especially among the younger generation. You can also draw inspiration from Beautiful Homes’ top interior design ideas in Singapore, take some of the ideas and implement it in your store right away.

There are also stores and restaurants with concepts from fictional books, such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Not going far, Singapore has its own Harry Potter-themed cafe, Platform 1094.

Fans of these shows and books love to take a picture wearing the Sorting Hat or sitting on the Iron Throne.

4. Pop-Up stores

Pop-up stores are not new; they have been around for many years. Pop-up stores or flash retailing are mini stores or kiosks temporarily set up in different locations.

The purpose of pop-up stores is to introduce new products and garner awareness and traction from the public without requiring them to go to the outlet store.

But how can you transform ordinary pop-up stores into new ones? The key is to offer a new and unique experience. LEGO’s Brick by Brick is touring different places in the UK to exhibit LEGO brick arts by different artists.

Besides the exhibition, the tour also has competitions and workshops. Instead of old visual merchandising displays, why not spice up your pop-up stores with activities to boost customer engagement.


It is 2022. It is time to maximise and utiliseretail interior design in Singaporeby ensuring they are unique, one of a kind, and beyond the norm.

Get your inspiration from these trendy retail interior designs, or view more interior design ideas in Singapore at AC Vision.

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