Things To Put In Mind When Buying An AED Defibrillator

 Things To Put In Mind When Buying An AED Defibrillator

Despite being automatic and simple to operate equipment, it is essential to note some points to acquire the best available model to meet the demand you need.

Degree Of Protection

A critical assessment is about all the potential for durability and safety of the equipment over time and exposure to unexpected environments. For example, an AED can be exposed in accidental environments with dust, water, and fluids such as blood and others. Therefore, it must have a high degree of protection. This requirement is measured by the acronym IP + XX, where XX is the number that represents the degree of protection of that specific medical equipment. This index represents that the IEC60529 Standard tested the equipment through rigorous tests against penetration of liquid and solid residues (water, serum, blood, dust, solid particles, among others).

The DEA LIFE 400, for example, is an example of equipment with a high degree of IP56. Equipment rated below IP56 is more sensitive and is more exposed to recurrent damage. Even simple water splashes can be harmful, which does not happen with higher protection indexes. Recurrent damage, caused by the low degree of protection, leads to reduced service life and downtime, which means it may not always be ready for use. Pay attention to the degree of protection.

Replacement Cost Of Accessories

In addition to evaluating the initial cost of the DEA, also analyze input replacement costs. Each time the AED is used, the shock paddle, also known as an electrode, which is disposable, must be replaced with a new one. Therefore, it is good to plan already to evaluate among the available options on the market, which brings the best cost-benefit in the long run. In addition to the disposable shock paddle, check the price of the battery and other cables and sensors if you are considering purchasing equipment with accessories.

It is good to be aware that some models are available on the market. The electrodes are connected with the battery, or other more expensive additional and must also be discarded after use. This item can significantly increase the cost of replacement and maintenance of the equipment in the long term, especially in places that use it frequently, such as places with a large circulation of people. Compare and analyze for a more assertive purchase.

Service, Training, And Other Differentials

In addition to checking the technical issues of the DEA, it is also essential to know if you can count on the manufacturer for differentiated and more complete service. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate directly with the manufacturer and receive personalized training and other services with differentials to help your team always be prepared to enjoy all the security that the DEA Defibrillator battery m5070a can bring to the environments in which it is located.

In addition, it is essential to know if the brand that is making the device available is qualified for the production and distribution of this equipment. There are several manufacturers, but it is essential to check if the brand has a tradition in the defibrillator market and if it works with state-of-the-art technology.

Laura Daniel