The Premier League title race is starting to heat up towards the end of the season

 The Premier League title race is starting to heat up towards the end of the season

Sports fans from across the world are all making sure to tune in to the premier league games each week due to the league starting to heat up and the gap for the title is now down to just a few points. Plenty of football fans are visiting betting sites not on gamstop to place their weekly bets on their favourite teams and whom they think will lift the trophy at the end of the season. 

The season so far

The season so far has been an intense one with Manchester City looking to have run away with the league a few months ago only for Liverpool to now be a few points behind them, followed closely by Chelsea who is also still trying to put on a late title charge. It will be an interesting end to the season with the points at the top being close and down the table, in the relegation zone, the points are also close with teams battling it out to ensure that they stay in the premier league.

There have been lots of games this season as European games taking place each week as well as the international break, and this has seen players being stretched to the limits with their fitness levels as club and country have been asking so much of the players. Luckily, there is not another international break for six months so clubs can solely focus on the league now and either push for the title, a place in Europe or to avoid relegation.

The summer transfer window

The summer transfer window is only a few months off now and it is said to be a busy one with clubs from across the world looking to improve their squads with new and exciting players whilst also selling unwanted players to other clubs. There have been some big named players rumoured to be coming to the premier league so, it will be an interesting transfer window to see how many of these rumours turn out to be true.

Clubs are to spend big this summer transfer window and the premier league has always been the best in the world with players from across the world wanting to earn their trade in the premier league amongst other leagues. 

You can see why the league has heated up so much in recent months, it is expected to only get better with the arrival of new players during the summer transfer window.






Robert Desauza