The Many Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

 The Many Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

An electric vehicle is defined as a vehicle that runs on electricity rather than fuel or petrol. Most people are aware of electric vehicles and know of their environmental benefits, but may not be enticed by the idea because they don’t know whether electric cars can hold their own against traditional vehicles. The fact is that electric vehicles are actually extremely functional cars, can stand up in a comparison with the best of conventional vehicles, and even have a range of extra benefits that set them apart from their petrol-fuelled competitors. 

Types Of Electric Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles

This type of electric vehicle is probably the one you think of when you imagine an electric car. It doesn’t have a traditional engine at all, is only powered by electricity, and is fueled up through an electrical charging outlet on the side of the car.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Plug-in hybrids are powered by both electricity and petrol, therefore reducing the total amount of harmful gases going into the atmosphere. They have both a plug for charging with electricity, and an internal combustion engine for using traditional liquid fuel. 

Non-plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

These hybrid electric vehicles are quite unique, as instead of powering the vehicle with electricity sourced from a charging plug, it’s charged by redirecting electricity generated by the braking of the vehicle. The electricity from the braking system recharges the battery, which works in conjunction with the traditional internal combustion engine.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

These electric cars use a fuel cell instead of a battery to power the electric motors in the vehicle. Fuel cell electric vehicles are often powered by hydrogen and have more range than battery electric vehicles. 

The Benefits Of Electric Cars

Cheap & Easy To Maintain

An electric car can help you save money, as you will avoid dealing with the fluctuating price of petrol and will pay for reliably priced electricity instead. Electricity is cheaper than petrol on the whole as well, so you’ll never spend as much charging up your vehicle as you did filling up the tank. 

If you install solar panels for your car, then you can actually transition to completely free power for your vehicle – which is an amazing concept. Also, a battery electric vehicle has fewer complicated moving parts than a car with a conventional engine, and so you don’t need to pay as much for maintenance. Electric cars don’t require the same sort of regular servicing, and it’s a lot easier to complete when they do. 

Smoother Driving Experience

One of the main differences between an electric vehicle engine and a conventional one is that the electric has instant torque – translating to responsive acceleration. This improves the driving experience by making it a smoother ride. 

Another thing which improves the electric car driving experience is the regenerative braking, which feeds the power back into the battery. Electric cars are also easier to drive because of the low centre of gravity and the different distribution of weight. These differences make the car more agile, and so it’s easier to handle and drive around tight city streets. Electric cars are even safer than normal cars – the Tesla has the lowest likelihood of injury of any car ever tested.

More Convenient

Having an electric car just makes life more convenient. Simply leave your car on charge overnight, and in the morning you’ll have a full battery read for the day. Instead of having to drive around looking for a service station, everything is right there. You can even become completely energy independent by installing solar panels – this way you never have to rely on a service station or a charging station, and will always have power. Imagine simply leaving your car in a sunny spot, and knowing the solar array is charging up ready to fuel your car through whatever weather comes your way next. 

Better For The Environment

The obvious benefit of electric cars is that they’re the eco-friendly choice. The carbon dioxide produced from conventional vehicles has added to greenhouse gases and increased the effects of climate change. Electric vehicles don’t produce carbon dioxide, and therefore don’t poison the atmosphere – even hybrid electric vehicles greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being produced. An electric vehicle can use electricity sourced from renewable energy producers like wind, hydropower, and solar. They also usually have recyclable batteries in the car to reduce the impact on the environment. An electric or hybrid car is the environmentally conscious choice, meaning you’re making positive changes for the world we live in.

The Best Up & Coming Electric Vehicles

Now that you’re sold on electric cars, you’ll be wondering what options you have and what the best up and coming models are. Nearly every company has caught on to the fact that electric vehicles are the way of the future, including Renault with their Megane E-Tech Mini going full electric by 2025, Nissan with their Ariya SUV, and Mazda’s MX-30 SUV. 

One of the companies making big changes and jumping on board with electric is Peugeot. Peugeot is launching two plug-in hybrid vehicles in late 2021, followed by its first fully electric vehicle in 2022. They’re yet to reveal exactly what model they will be converting, but an electric version of the e-2008 SUV looks likely. This is great news for fans of Peugeot in Perth, and is sure to be the start of a range of excellent electric models mazda’s mx 30.