The Best TV For Your Home Entertainment System

 The Best TV For Your Home Entertainment System

The very best TVs for sound deliver fantastic picture quality and dynamic as well as room-filling sound to go with it. Although it may seem as if the picture performance of TVs advances, sound has a tendency to suffer, there are a couple of excellent TVs on the market with a built-in sound system that’ll blow you away.

As TVs have gotten thinner over the last couple of years, there is far less space in the display’s physical frame for including speakers. The end result — in a number of cases — has been sound that’s as thin as the TV itself. This makes hearing voices especially difficult, particularly when they are mixed with music soundtracks as well as movie sound effects.

Here are our picks.


Improvements that have been made to the LG C2 OLED to incorporate the new Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor, which is designed to offer better object enhancement – as well as dynamic tone mapping  – than its predecessor. 

In addition to this, you’ll be getting ‘virtual surround sound’, with the TV improving stereo content into 7.1.2-channel sound. While we weren’t convinced about the claims of virtual surround sound, the audio performance is great for a flatscreen TV and a variety of different sound modes means that you should be able to find an audio which that suits your needs.

Sony A95K OLED

The best TV for movies that we’ve tested is the Sony A95K OLED. It’s an amazing TV for watching movies in a dark room. Its near-infinite contrast ratio provides an incredible dark-scene experience, with deep blacks, bright highlights, and no distracting blooming around bright objects or subtitles. Sony’s excellent processing capabilities deliver a true movie experience that respects the content creator’s intent, with very little banding in areas of similar colour.

Sony X95K

The best sounding TV in the upper mid-range group that we’ve tested playing everything from movies to live dealer roulette is the Sony X95K. It’s a fantastic TV overall which sounds good. It has a well-balanced sound profile which means that dialogue is clear and easy to understand. 

This TV doesn’t become as loud as the LG G1 OLED. It has a lot less bass however it has less compression as well as very little distortion at high listening levels. As with the G1, it supports eARC and supports a broad range of audio set-ups than the G1, inclusive of DTS:X via DTS-HD MA. This is fantastic as that’s the most frequently supported format on UHD Blu-ray films.

It provides fantastic picture quality, however it relies on its Mini LED full array local dimming feature in order to achieve deep blacks, so there’s more blooming around bright objects as opposed to the LG’s OLED panel. It still looks great, although, and with its superb peak brightness in HDR, bright highlights stand out. Also, it \has a wide colour gamut, so HDR content looks quite vivid and lifelike.

Samsung QN90B

Are you looking for a high-end TV with spectacular image quality however don’t want an OLED? If so then the Samsung QN90B is your best bet. This TV utilises QLED TV tech that is augmented by mini-LED for a brighter image as opposed to any OLED TV. The spectacular contrast of OLED still won out in our side-by-side tests however the QN90B QLED screen comes closer than ever.

Ferina Jenny