Problems to look for in case of the drive-in racking system

 Problems to look for in case of the drive-in racking system

If you own a warehouse, you understand the importance of having a good racking system to keep the products organized and easy to pick out. The pallet racking system is crucial for the efficient and smooth running of the warehouse. The pallet racking system must be assessed regularly to know that it is working in top condition. There is a reason safety is crucial to warehouse storing. Having the correct safety measures ensures that you do not have to worry about expensive and crucial repairs later. Check out drive in racking system Malaysia to fulfill your racking needs.

Here are ten common problems in tracking systems that need immediate addressing.

Improper lighting conditions

One of the most overlooked safety hazards is the lighting condition. Poor lighting can lead to workers misjudging the object’s speed, position, or shape and cause injuries and accidents. Always remember to replace the old bulbs with new and more efficient ones and ensure that the bulb is appropriate so that all the products are visible.

Insufficient row spacers

 If the pallet racking system rows are placed back-to-back, insufficient row spaces or missing rows can cause uneven spacing. This will lead to the rows not being straight.

Incorrect aisle width

If the aisle width is incorrectly designed, it can lead to column damage, costly delays, and vehicular damage. This happens because of a lack of maneuverability. As a responsible warehouse manager, you must strike a balance between narrowing the aisle while maximizing storage space and keeping the aisle wide enough so that the maneuvering can be easy.

Frames or beams overload

A crucial problem in many warehouses is the overloading of the beams or frames. This is the primary cause behind the failure of pallet racking. If you put loads that exceed the capacity requirements, the racking system is going to get damaged or deformed. To avoid such a situation, place your load evenly and adhere to the load-bearing guidelines. Go to pallet racking system Malaysia to check out pallet racks. 

Insufficient load space

If the pallet racking system gets overloaded, it can become extremely unstable. If you place the loads evenly or do not put adequate space between each load, it will reduce the system’s capacity.

Footplate or anchor damage

Footplate or anchor damage can negatively affect the operational safety and stability of the system. It can also put your workers and the product at risk. Therefore, you should always contact your pallet racking system provider to help you with damage repairs.

Broken or unbalanced pallets

If you have a broken or unbalanced pallet, it can prove to be extremely dangerous. This leads to unsafe pallet loading and product damage. This problem can easily be avoided by either discarding the pallets or repairing them which are not in excellent working condition.

Severe column damage

If the upright frames have suffered damage from forklift collisions, the weight-bearing column can weaken. Remember to repair the damaged frames as soon as possible.