Kitchen & pantry spring-cleaning checklist

 Kitchen & pantry spring-cleaning checklist

Spring has just begun, but you still didn’t have time to introduce to your home? Don’t worry! There is a simple way in which you can make your home feel more like spring – it’s kitchen deep cleaning! Take a look at our list to perfectly clean your cooking area.

Why is kitchen spring-cleaning essential?

The kitchen is one of these home areas that have a tendency to easily get dirty. Moreover, if you are used to buying lots of products it can also easily become cluttered with food supplies, kitchen cleaners, cooking devices and so in. Rearranging your kitchen space entirely from time to time and carrying out a deep spring-clean in your pantry can undoubtedly make you feel better while cooking. Who among us doesn’t like preparing dishes in a shiny and better smelling kitchen?

Kitchen spring-cleaning checklist

If you want to be happy with the results of your kitchen spring-cleaning, follow our checklist. Otherwise, you may forget to clean some places in which dirt accumulates and not get the most of your house cleaning.

Wipe down all surfaces

Wipe down all common surfaces that are in your kitchen including countertops, tables, chairs, cabinet fronts, sinks, and knobs. Don’t forget about light fixtures, the tops of your furniture and fridge as well as the cooker hood.

Organize drawers and cabinets

Remover everything from your drawers and cabinets. Decide which elements are unnecessary and get rid of them. This way you will obtain extra storage space.

Clean appliances

Wiping down shouldn’t only concern the surfaces of your furniture. During your kitchen spring-cleaning, you should also remember about wiping down and such appliances as the kettle, blender, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, fridge, and oven.

Arrange your fridge

Fridges are one of these kitchen appliances that require special care. If you have trouble finding food in your refrigerator or have no place to put food in the freezer, you should certainly tackle this problem! Remove everything from the inside of the fridge, use special non-toxic cleaner to wipe all surfaces and organize the fridge one more time!

Kitchen spring-cleaning in the pantry

If you have a pantry, don’t forget to clean it as well. Kitchen spring-cleaning is also a great occasion to check whether your food supply has not exceeded its best if used by date.


If you want to introduce a bit of spring into your kitchen, simply redecorate it. Buy a colorful dishcloth or table runner, or install a vivid picture or poster on the wall. Opt for pastel colors which will brighten up your space. Switch your kitchen cleaners to those with floral and fruit scents, i.e. you can try out a scented natural kitchen cleaning spray.

These were our kitchen and pantry spring-cleaning tips for you. Be sure to try them!

Ferina Jenny