Is English instruction at the secondary school level necessary?

 Is English instruction at the secondary school level necessary?

Tuition was essentially unheard of for most Singaporean parents growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. Then, it was typically considered that schools were adequately equipped with everything a child required to succeed in education.

Today, things are very different. Singaporeans are spending more money than ever on tuition as it has become the rule rather than the exception.

Parents spend the most on tuition in English at both the primary and secondary levels, which begs the question: Is English tuition necessary for secondary school students?

Let’s examine why English is crucial to the secondary school curriculum to comprehend why kids need more classes in the subject.

English is a Vital Subject to Understand

English studies in secondary school mainly teach pupils how to write and communicate themselves better, which is the most crucial skill for working life.

Your youngster can express their ideas and opinions clearly to others. In addition, students studying English at the secondary level are also taught how to comprehend and grasp the language more effectively.

These abilities will come in very handy in the future. However, suppose your child does not have the best background or a decent foundation in the topic at the elementary level. In that case, you need to get them the best online English tutoring Singapore programmes.

English is a difficult subject that cannot be learned in a single day.

The acquisition of languages does not happen overnight.

Because English has so many facets you must learn, including grammar, comprehension, spelling, writing, vocabulary, communication, pronunciation, and much more, it is impossible to become fully proficient overnight. The language’s tenets must be perfected over time.

To hone their abilities and improve their command of the language, students require the greatest secondary school learning platform in Singapore. Parents must choose reputable online English classes for their kids because of this.

English is a crucial subject in the O/N Level National Exams.

Students will take the O or N-Level National Examinations after their secondary schooling, with English being the most significant subject since it is the primary language of instruction.

Thus, it is essential to prepare adequately to achieve high English academic standards. Remember that to enrol in junior college, the institute of technical education, or polytechnic; a student must have at least a C6 in English.

Your child could have to retake the test in Singapore if their O/N Level English score wasn’t good enough. Therefore, if you seek English tutoring for your child, you must enrol them in the top secondary school online learning programme.

Advantages of Online English Instruction for Secondary Students

Your child will benefit from superior learning opportunities when you enrol them in online English classes in Singapore. These advantages include the following:

  • A one-on-one online experience will receive individualised attention and ensure quick, adequate learning progress. Online courses can address your child’s shortcomings in the language acquisition and mastery process, unlike normal tuition, when instruction is provided to several students during tuition classes.
  • Your youngster may be able to learn at their speed using online sessions. Every learner develops at a special rate. While some students pick things up quickly, others might need more time to grasp a topic fully. A classroom teacher might not be able to meet every student’s demands at once, but your child can design a custom lesson plan using an online learning platform like Superstar Teacher that works with their schedule and rate of learning.
  • Lastly, taking classes online gives you additional scheduling flexibility and the convenience of studying at home. In addition, comfortable surroundings might help people more easily internalise challenging linguistic concepts.

Ferina Jenny