How to Ship Your Car If You Are A Military Person?

 How to Ship Your Car If You Are A Military Person?

Some of you may be in military service where you may have to move to your new station whenever you receive your PCS order. In such a case, you must be aware that you are permitted to ship your privately owned vehicle overseas and back.

Best of all, you can ship your vehicle free of cost if you are meeting the eligibility criteria and also follow all the necessary steps. However, quite a few of you in the military service may be a little confused about the process. So, by reading this piece of writing you can clear most of your doubts.

Ship a Car, Inc. can offer you all the necessary support to ship your car as well as any military auto transport that you may be carrying provided it can meet the dimensional criteria of the shipping company.

While shipping your car you are not allowed to carry the following personal items:

  • Television sets, and DVD or Blu-ray players if they are not factory sealed
  • Any inflammable/hazardous substance, like oils, paints, or polishes
  • Liquids that may leave stains, including antifreeze
  • Any accessories of the vehicle that is not permanently installed
  • Citizen Band radios

However, you can ship the following:

  • A spare tire and 2 snow tires, that are mounted or unmounted
  • Various luggage supports and racks
  • Different children accessories, like car seats, baby carriages, or strollers
  • Tools worth less than $200
  • Items for car maintenance and repair, and warnings, like tire chains, fire extinguishers, car jacks, tire inflators, first aid kits, and also jumper cables
  • Items that you can pack into a single carton that was supplied by the Vehicle Processing Center
  • Audio equipment that is permanently attached to the POV

Shipping your POV within the US continent

You will not be reimbursed while shipping your POV within the US continent however, you may get financial assistance from your office. Few auto shipping companies will offer a discount to Military personnel

Driving your POV to the new service station

If you think that the shipping cost is too high then you also have the option to drive your vehicle yourself and save your shipping cost. however, in that case, you also need to spend for your hotel stay, gas, and also food expenses needed during the road trip but still, there will be some savings.

As per the Department of Defense, all military members who will drive their cars to their new stations can get reimbursement for mileage and also some travel costs..

Shipping a POV to outside the US continent

Those military service members who are shipping their POVs to duty stations that are outside the US continent have to book all their auto shipping services through the military. Essentially, the military will decide how your POV is going to be shipped and also about the carrier.

Only those who are civilian military employees may go for the auto shipping company and also get military reimbursement. There is a little difference in the rules applicable for Army, Navy, or Air force personnel. So, you need to contact your office to find the exact details.

Ferina Jenny