How to prepare your website to accept card payment?

 How to prepare your website to accept card payment?

In this article, we are going to learn about how to prepare your website to take card payments. Also, we will talk about the different kind of criteria which one has to follow to accept card payment.

What are the benefits of a well-prepared website?

Every website on the internet must meet a certain requirement before they are eligible to be launched. Also, the same will go in the payment, which an online website or store will accept and take payments. This is not just about the rules which have been set up by the government.

In our case, we are considering the financial organization as either the acquiring bank or card processor. Many of these points are very simple and make eBusiness easy to run and use. These will also make the eBusiness earn more money and profit for themselves. Meeting with all the criteria’s the business has these advantages with them.

  • This business will get approved and can start accepting payment through a card.
  • These are more informative and provide a better experience for the consumers.
  • This business will have better conversion, less rate of return and less amount of chargeback, etc.

In a business, it is very important to follow all kinds of instructions and meet all the requirements. All of the financial organizations work with different companies from around the world. From them, you can get information about the thing which you are doing wrong in your business. They will be able to tell you the right way and also point out where you are going wrong.

What are the different criteria to be met?

Below mentioned are some of the criteria that one should follow to become great.

  •  Clear identification

Make sure that your customer can recognize you and your business in the market. It is the best idea to put a company logo or company name on the top and bottom of the page.

  •  Contact address

You will have to provide your customer with valid details so that they can communicate with you. You can give the phone number, email address and also customer support working hours. This kind of information should be available easily for the people so that they can talk to the owner.

  •  Description of goods and service

To give a proper feel, you should provide a detailed description of the product you are selling. This is done so that the customer does not have any doubt and so they don’t have to return the goods.

  •  Price and transaction currency

The customer should be able to see the payment in his language and convert the currency also. It is recommended that all businesses use the IS 4217 currency notes for their business.

  •  Privacy policy and terms of service

In the privacy policy, you have to handle all the documents related to the customers. You should also remember to attach this file to the rules and regulations.

  •  Refund policy

They should also mention in their rules and regulation if they take to refund the money or not.

Ferina Jenny