How To Hack Portable Toilet Rental In Gillespie County, Texas

 How To Hack Portable Toilet Rental In Gillespie County, Texas

Larger events mean a larger number of people. And among the most crucial things to pay attention to in such a case is hygiene. Portable rental toilets are often the only solution to this. In fact, portable toilets or porta potties can hold sewage of up to 7 people over a 40-hour work week.

But the issue is that arranging for them isn’t easy. What’s more difficult is figuring out which companies do it right.

So, here are some tips for when you are looking for a portable toilet rental in Gillespie County, TX.

  1. Decide on the types and features

There are several types of porta potties on rent. So figure out what kind of an event it is. If it’s a high-profile one, opt for bathroom trailers. However, opt for less-expensive standard or flushable ones for events that have much larger crowds of people since they are cheaper to rent in bigger numbers.

In addition, determine what features would be crucial for the event. These can include:

  • Hand washing stations
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Mirrors
  • Baby changing stations

Once this is sorted, one can move on to the other details.

  1. Location is crucial

When setting up a portable toilet, its location is a vital factor to consider. Ensuring that they are visible and easily accessible is vital.

The number of porta potties required will be determined by the size of the event or site. If the space is limited, group the toilets. Distribute them all over if the event is more spaced out.

  1. Find a suitable and trustworthy service

Get quotes from different porta-potty rental companies to reduce dissatisfaction and frustration throughout the renting term. Provide them with specific details about your event. Also, make sure that the portable toilet rental in Gillespie County, TX, is a reputable and experienced firm.

Moreover, portable toilets are large and bulky. Shipping, setup, and removal all need preparation. Furthermore, the porta-potty rental company must be ready to deal with concerns such as placement and uneven surfaces.

  1. Keep them accessible to the renters

If the event lasts a few days, the portable toilets will need cleaning. Ensure that the sanitation provider can reach the porta potties within 20 feet. This is because the cleaning service needs to connect to and pump waste from the portable toilet.

Further, the rented porta potty will be delivered by truck or towed. That means the rental company must have a clear path to wherever the units are to be placed.

Lastly, the rented portable toilets must be returned to the rental provider at the end of the event. If the rental firm cannot easily access the toilets and is delayed in removing them, there may be additional charges.

Wrapping Up

Portable toilet rentals are convenient, accessible, and highly affordable in most cases. They eliminate the headache of building new toilets just for one event.

However, when renting them, remember to make sure that the provider takes care of three things: delivery, cleaning, and setup. Moreover, decide carefully what type of portable toilets are required for the event and any additional features.

Finding a portable toilet rental in Gillespie County, TX, should not be difficult. Just remember the requirements. Then, delegate the task of maintaining hygiene to experts who know what’s best!

Ferina Jenny