Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore: 7 Mental Health Tips For Couples Undergoing A Legal Battle

    Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore: 7 Mental Health Tips For Couples Undergoing A Legal Battle

Aside from hiring the best divorce lawyer in Singapore and appropriately fighting for your rights as an individual, taking care of your health is equally important. You need to control your emotions while going through this mentally tiring chapter of your life, spend more time with people who boost your morale and do the things you love despite the challenges. In this article, let us explore some tips and tricks to keep your mental health in check during this situation:


The divorce lawyer in Singaporehelps you formulate and strategise a plan to win the case and settle the issue with your spouse. They do this by, first, knowing the situation at hand and using some things to your advantage. For instance, the spouse physically abuses you, so the lawyer will use this information to try to win the case by proving they are unfit for this relationship.

With this, always trust your lawyer because they know better than you. Consult with them regularly, give updates about your situation or if anything is threatening you, and try to cooperate with whatever they want to do. Divorce mediation in Singapore requires you to do these things.



Being wise with your decisions is one way to control the situation and prevent things from getting ugly. You would not want to hire a criminal lawyer in Singapore on top of the divorce case only because of a petty crime you did out of emotion. Kidding aside, carefully think of what you are about to do and the consequences if you decide to go that undesirable route.

As mentioned earlier, trust your lawyer and be with them throughout the process. Are you seeking revenge or not able to control your anger? Consider visiting a mental health professional for advice and other matters, such as divorce mediation, if ever you lack conflict-resolution skills.


Staying in separate rooms or homes might not be possible given the difference in background and socioeconomic factors, but it is something couples should consider when undergoing a divorce case with a lawyer. The people involved might hurt the case if they decide to stay with each other despite their differences or resort to other undesirable actions because of their uncontrolled emotions.

If life permits the couple, consider staying away from each other during the situation. You can ask the divorce lawyer in Singapore for tips on how to start this transition or just separate yourself from the spouse to avoid worsening things. Lastly, if you need to talk to each other, do it in a safe place where both legal professionals are present.


You are mad, frustrated, disappointed, and have other negative feelings towards the spouse who mistreated you. Not only that, but your emotions can make you do something you will regret in an instant. Ask defamation lawyers in Singapore, and they will tell you how this case is usual for couples with marital issues. Spouses are hitting each other with mean words or posting poorly-worded content on social media.

Avoid incidents of defamation at all costs because it will only start an additional case on top of the divorce settlement with your lawyer. Control your emotions and never let them get ahead of you. Saying one thing is easy, but facing the consequences is much more challenging.



Are you working as a corporate employee during the day? Or do you have a business to keep running because that is your primary source of income? Whether you have children to feed or not, it is necessary to continue with your life because filing a divorce case should not derail your career and other activities in life. Talk to your divorce lawyer in Singapore about the steps to take, and everything will be fine!

Of course, it might be hard to act as if nothing is going on with your marriage, but that is not the point of continuing with your life. Instead, the goal is to never let the situation affect your career, business, passion, or whatever it is you do during the day. That is a piece of advice aside from getting the best divorce lawyer that suits your case!


People tend to share things to close friends to feel better or to unload anger and frustration. However, there might be consequences when you tell someone about the situation, especially when the person turns out to be a traitor who spreads secrets and rumours. As much as possible, do not talk about the issue other than your divorce or defamation lawyers in Singapore, and share things with people you fully trust.

Second, consider keeping confidential details, even from your closest family member and friends. You might be able to trust them, but some things are meant to be hidden and dealt with in private. One rule of proper divorce mediation is carefully managing conflicts between couples, and that includes doing things in private.



Couples who have children to supervise and take care of struggle when undergoing a divorce case. First, they need to settle custody issues because the mother and father are separating. It can get ugly when the kids divide themselves or have different preferences on which parent to choose. Second, inheritance might be at stake, and it is another case to deal with on top of the marriage itself. Talk to divorce and defamation lawyers in Singapore, and they would know how things get worse when children are involved.

If you are dealing with toddlers or younger children who are young enough to understand the situation but old enough to remember, explain things to them depending on their age. For example, tell them that the best divorce lawyer in Singaporeis there to help mommy and daddy or nothing will be taken away from them. In short, try to consider their age when supervising them.

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