Filing for divorce in Utah: Check important details here

 Filing for divorce in Utah: Check important details here

A marriage may fail for many reasons. When divorce becomes an eventuality, it is important to consider all decisions that can impact your life ahead. Utah is one of the states that allows for no-fault divorce. If you are unhappy and want to end a marriage, it is enough to cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as a reason for a no-fault divorce. Talking to a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer can help your case in many ways. In this post, we are sharing more on divorce laws in Utah and why you need an attorney. 

The important laws

Utah’s residency requirements requires either of the spouses to have lived in the county for at least three months before filing for divorce. If one spouse files for no-fault divorce, the other spouse may not have a lot of options, although they can contest the divorce. Even for no-fault divorces, there is a wait period of 90 days, so that’s the minimum time one has to wait for getting the decree. For fault-based divorce, grounds may include willful desertion, willful neglect, adultery, conviction of a felony, and incurable insanity. Utah allows for equitable distribution of assets, which doesn’t always mean equal. In case of debts, the party owing the asset pays for the debt, but this can vary, depending on other factors. Separating parents must complete divorce education classes in Utah. 

Why do you need a divorce lawyer?

Divorces can be expensive and messy, especially if and your spouse are not on agreeable terms. Make sure that you talk to an attorney in depth to know more on how you can un-mess the process. Your divorce lawyer can have an instrumental role in negotiating with your spouse and their lawyer. In Utah, the same attorney cannot represent both spouses, so you have to hire a lawyer if your spouse has hired one. A good lawyer can help in sorting things through negotiation and mediation, and they can ensure that your costs remain as minimum as possible. Also, if matters end up in court, it could be a public embarrassment, although divorce records in Utah are no longer publicly available. 

Talk to a lawyer when you are unsure of how to file for divorce in your county. Not to forget, a divorce lawyer can protect your rights and interests, besides checking and ensuring that the paperwork is done right. If you are not happy with the court’s order, your lawyer can help with appeals in a higher court. 

Laura Daniel