Factors to consider for a heat pump to work efficiently

 Factors to consider for a heat pump to work efficiently

Do you want to heat in an environmentally conscious way, switch to a sustainable energy source, and save costs? Heat pumps are the solution. For a heat pump to pay off, it should be as efficient as possible. The main points to consider are:

Heating load

Various factors influence the heating load (shown in kilowatts (kW)). For the calculation, the location of your house, the climate, the living space, and the insulation of your house are included by DIN EN 12831. In general, the following applies: over dimensioning the heat pump should be avoided to guarantee good efficiency and profitability over the heat pump’s life. A specialist like https://www.wolfersheating.com/heating/heat-pumps/ usually carries out the calculation.

Flow temperature

The Flow temperature is especially important to find out if a heat pump is suitable for your home. The smaller the temperature difference between the heat source and the heating circuit, the less energy is required. 35 degrees or less is ideal. This requires good insulation and high-quality surface heating (underfloor heating, wall heating, etc.). If the flow temperature is well over 45 degrees, the JAZ drops sharply, energy costs rise, and efficiency drops significantly. In this case, you should clarify with a specialist whether a heat pump is worthwhile.

Annual performance factor

The performance of the heat pump is called the Annual performance factor (JAZ) specified. This means the relationship between electricity consumption and heat generation in actual operation. Factor 4 means, for example, your heating system uses an average of one part of electricity (from the work of the compressor) and three parts of environmental heat to generate heat.


In addition to the annual performance figure, the performance figure is also known as COP. The “Coefficient of Performance” stands for the performance under laboratory conditions. A heat pump with a COP value of 3.1 to 5.1 is considered efficient and therefore economical. If the coefficient of performance is below 2, the heat pump is considered uneconomical. To know How much it pays to buy a heat pump in a specific case specialists like https://www.wolfersheating.com/heat-pumps-camas-wa/  will be happy to provide.


Robert Desauza