Explore how the Indian Ludo user interface encourages great gameplay

 Explore how the Indian Ludo user interface encourages great gameplay

Online gaming has become a source of entertainment for the younger generation. It involves diverse technology and tools that change the course of conventional games. Over the years, many online gaming platforms like Indian Ludo and GetMega have come into existence. The developers of such gaming platforms strive to create excellent gameplay for gaming enthusiasts. They either add a diverse range of games or add some top-grade features to enhance the gameplay. One such important feature of the gaming apps or websites is the User Interface (UI). A User Interface is a set of programs and actions that the users carry out within the gaming world. 

A User Interface for a game is much different from other UIs because of an additional element known as fiction. It is the User Interface that determines the feel and look of the game. For that, UI designers focus on the game’s graphic design and the psychology of the user’s persona. UI also determines the gameplay of the respective gaming apps or websites. By using pleasant colours and shapes, developers create UIs that allow users to completely immerse in the game, thereby providing a seamless gaming experience. While we are discussing gaming user interfaces, let’s take the same of Indian Ludo and GetMega into consideration and discuss further. 

Indian Ludo

Indian Ludo is an online gaming platform that is exclusively dedicated to hosting the popular ludo game. One of the key features of this platform is its user interface. The UI of Indian Ludo is interactive and even provides a comfortable space for newbies to play various ludo matches or tournaments. Since the UI is simple in nature, the app is devoid of any complexities. Though you can play games on this platform in vertical screen orientation, Indian Ludo does not properly support vertical screen orientation. However, the interactive interface of this app encourages great gameplay by providing lag-free and smooth gaming experience. The interface also allows gamers to play with their opponents thus prompting competitive gameplay. Further, Indian Ludo’s smooth UI ensures gameplay that provides maximum entertainment to the players. 

Indian Ludo presents a leaderboard that gives gamers a chance to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards. The leaderboard of this app is a task-based one that shows the number of tournaments organised in a day. Indian Ludo only allows real players to register on the platform. Since the platform offers real money for winning different ludo tournaments, it has strict security protocols. Indian Ludo is SSL certified and has encrypted servers which makes the payment withdrawal safer and faster. 


GetMega is an online gaming option that supports various games like Poker, Rummy, Carrom, Warship, PickMe and GoPool based on the categories: Cards, Casual and Trivia. Featuring a clean and user-friendly user interface, the app provides the best gaming experience to the users. GetMega offers both horizontal and vertical gameplay based on the games. For instance, if you are playing games like Rummy and GoPool, you will experience horizontal gameplay. On the other hand, while playing Carrom, Poker and Warship you will experience vertical gameplay. The interface of GetMega is also intuitive, eventually making it easy for players to interact with the games and earn. The elements of this app are optically displayed which helps users to focus entirely on the game, thereby ensuring excellent gameplay. Further, GetMega uses vibrant colours to make the key elements of the games easy to identify and use. 

GetMega flaunts diverse leaderboards based on the different games. All the leaderboards of this app are either task-based or win-based. You can get attractive gadgets and cash prizes if you win or secure the first 10 positions on the leaderboards. Further, GetMega only permits real players whose IDs are 100% verified via Facebook profiles or mobile numbers. Since this RNG certified app offers cash prizes to players, developers have added high standard security features to GetMega. 

A genuine online gaming platform must focus on creating a user interface that will encourage great gameplay on its portal. Thus, you should go through the above-mentioned platforms offering smooth UI along with other impressive features and select the best one.

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Clare Louise