Everything About Mastering and Mixing Songs

 Everything About Mastering and Mixing Songs

While mixing is the first stage where you combine all tracks and instrumentals to a complete stereo format, mastering is the next and final step where you process the mixed track into its final form, which is ready for sequencing and transitioning the song. But there are certain important points that you need to know about mixing and mastering a song. They are listed below.

Keep Alternative Versions Available

It is always advised to keep multiple tracks ready for the engineer to process and master. This would help in the layering process and also keep handy options to choose from if one of them does not fit the mastering process of sequencing and track layering.

Rest your Mind and Ears

The process of mixing can be very exhausting at times, with your mind clogged with hundreds of tracks and thousands of beats due to repetitive hearing. Hence, you should rest your ears and your mind at regular intervals. This would not only reset your working capacity but also provide more productivity the next time you sit down to mix and master tracks.

Keep Options for Comparing

While mixing and mastering, an artist has to go through thousands of different tracks. So it is very crucial for comparing different tracks to find the suitable one for sequencing, which also has to be done multiple times. So, the option for comparing different tracks should be kept handy and should be available at a single click for ease and efficiency of work.

Tops and Tails Should be Right

Topping and tailing is basically a part of mixing a track where the fade ins and fade outs are considered. It can also be termed as the start and end of the track. It is crucial to get the start and end of the track right to mix the right content midway to avoid confusion and disruption during mixing.

Get a Grip on Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is a unique process that is different from normal mastering. In stem mastering, the engineer mixes and masters with multiple pre-mastered files to develop a better end result compared to normal mastering, which includes working with a single stereo pre-master file.

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