Easily Find Money Changers in Nearby Locations

 Easily Find Money Changers in Nearby Locations

If you need to exchange money and find it hard to choose money changer Indonesia close to you, there is no need to worry anymore. Several ways can be done to find a place to exchange your money.

Looking for a Money Changer in a Nearby Location

Finding the closest location for a money changer can be done with easy steps via the internet. Here are some ways that you can do in finding a foreign currency exchange location that is close to your place:

1. Find Out on Google Sites

The first way is to search the internet through Google. Type in the keyword money changer close to your current location, then find it in the search field.

This method can also be used to search for money changers in other areas in Indonesia. For example, when you are on vacation in a city and want to exchange money there, just type the keywords in the Google search engine.

Later, a row of places for exchanging foreign currency with Indonesia currency will appear, which are located close to where you are staying, for example.

Not only the name of the place and the location, but there you can also see how far the distance is and the travel time it takes to get there.

2. Through Bank Indonesia Official Website

The second way to find a money changer location on the internet is to open the official website of BI or Bank Indonesia (Bank of Indonesia). The method is as follows:

  • Go to the official BI website first.

  • Later there will be information about money changer companies near your location which already have official permits. Type in your current location and then click Search.

  • See a wide selection of official money changer offices and their complete addresses, then choose the closest location.

  • To see the location, click Maps on the screen or in the location column.

The list of money exchange companies registered on the official BI website are companies that already have official permits to operate in Indonesia. Then you can use their services safely because the company is legal.

Choosing a money changer location close to your address will be advantageous because you don’t need to get lost travel there. In addition, by choosing a money changer that is officially licensed, you will also avoid fraudulent counterfeit money or damaged money.

The methods above can also be done by exchanging Indonesian rupiah (IDR) to foreign currencies before you start traveling to another country. Choose a safe way of exchanging money to avoid fraud and things like that.

Ferina Jenny