Earthwool insulation : Everything you need to know

 Earthwool insulation : Everything you need to know

Earthwool is created Using ECOSE technology and made by Knauf Insulation. Earthwool is a glasswool, but instead of using tiny glass fibers, they use recycled glass bottles and combine it with ECOSE technology thus making it odorless, softer, and environmentally friendly. Earthwool insulation can be used in the attic, caravan, house, office, school, shed, and even in commercial buildings.

ECOSE technology

ECOSE technology uses a sustainable process to bind together fiber strands using only raw materials. Unlike glasswool, it does not have chemicals such as phenol and formaldehyde. It has lower manufacturing emissions and gives better air quality. The best part is, it is environmentally friendly and has no artificial colors thus giving its natural brown color. Earthwool has been certified as outstanding material by Eurofins Gold under the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations.

Benefits of Earthwool

Earthwool insulation can be used on both thermal insulation (reduce heat) which can be used inside a ceiling, walls, or even floors, and acoustic insulation (reduce sound) which can be used in floors, between stories, and inside internal and external walls. Earthwool has become quite popular in recent times due to the benefits it has

1). Soft and no ittchiness

Basic insulation is known to be very itchy upon handling but with Earthwool it is reduced significantly even when using it for a longer period. This is because it does not contain formaldehyde which causes irritation and itchiness. This is also the reason its texture is soft and the possibility of inhaling particles is reduced.

2). Good sound absorption

Earthwool is so good at absorbing sound. Even if you are playing musical instruments, listening to music, watching movies, or singing in high pitch, no one outside of your home or room can hear it. It works both ways, reducing noise from outside that comes in and blocking sound from inside to go out.

3). Good thermal absorption

The insulation will make sure no heat from the outside can enter the room or house by blocking it using its tiny air pocket. This slows down the transfer of the heat. The Earthwool also works 2 ways by effectively keeping the room cool from the heat and making sure you are comfortably heated up in cold winter.

4). Easy, efficient, and healthier

Most of the people that are DIY characters and also professional insulators have acknowledged that Earthwools is a better product compared to others. It is easy because most of the insulation is pre-cut for houses in Australia and even if you need to cut it, it is very easy. The packaging is also very compressible making it easy and convenient to transport. Since it is using recycled glass bottles and is free from any phenol and formaldehyde, it is also healthy not only to the insulator’s body but also to the residents inside the house.

5). Save on your bill

When it is hot outside we turn on the air-cond and when it’s cold outside we turn on the heater. But with the insulation of Earthwool, this habit can be eliminated by reducing the usage of air-con and heater. Earthwool is a superconductor that works both ways.

6) Environmentally friendly

Since it has no chemicals like phenol and formaldehyde it is very much environmentally friendly and the usage of recycled glass bottles adds to this factor. ECOSE Technology is also a big factor because it creates a lower emission of dangerous gas and materials.

7) Non-flammable

Australia sometimes can be a high-risk area due to bushfires. The Earthwool insulation will reduce the fire threat because it is not combustible. This will prevent fire from spreading and will give you a higher chance to save your property. 

8) No moisture

The formation of moisture is the main cause leading up to the growth of fungi and bacteria. But with the non-hypogenic Earthwool insulation this problem will be eliminated, thus giving a healthier condition and longer-lasting insulation in the house.

9) Warranty

In addition to all the benefits, Knauf also offers a 50 years warranty to all insulations. That’s half of your life secured with good health and safe insulation.


The cost of the insulation is based on the house size and the place you want it. For example, if you are going to do it in a caravan it will be much cheaper compared to doing it in an attic. Simple insulation will be cheaper compared to removing some tiles before insulating them. But no matter what it all comes down to the R-value. It has a 4 R-value and the cost depends on it.

  • R3 – starting from $650 per 100 m2
  • R4 – starting from $840 per 100 m2
  • R5 – starting from $1300 per 100 m2
  • R6 – starting from $1500 per 100 m2


Earthwool insulation is the best insulation for your homes in Australia. Although insulation of your house can be done by yourself, there are some safety measures that you must follow. So you should go to a professional insulator if you want to get your home insulated with Earthwool.

Ferina Jenny