Download Instagram Story Likes Are Changing The World – Both For Good And Bad

 Download Instagram Story Likes Are Changing The World – Both For Good And Bad

Instagram, one of the recent social media platforms, is basically an application of sharing photos. The users have their own profile, either public or private, depending on their personal preferences where they can post photos or videos, anything they want. The Instagram likes are basically the virtual compliments by which the youth are influenced to perceive themselves these days. Likes are one of the many measures by which people use to judge their self-worth in comparison to others. This clearly signifies that the one with comparatively more likes is more likely to be ‘seen’ in this virtual world. Clicking on the ‘red heart’ on Instagram or double tapping a post may be a very simple and casual act but it can have a big impact on someone’s popularity.

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  • The positive aspects of this and why Instagram likes are looked for:

The best part is Instagram can be used for networking andmarketing purpose. It can be a good platform to promote online business if you own any. There are numerous sites to buy Instagram likes for such good reason. By sharing photos advertising your company will help to increase the popularity of the website in a better way. For this, gaining a lot of likes is a very important step for promoting your business and also to stay ahead of the competitors. Also, Instagram has been a blessing for the photographers. As we all know, photography is an art and more opportunity given to the photographers as well as all other artists and content creators to present their creativity. Instagram can also inspire people to be better and successful and strive for more by seeing the posts of popular people or the ones they admire.

  • The negative impact on the mental health of the users:

Instagram which was primarily created to share good memories and fun experiences, has lately became a place where only perfect posts are allowed. The teenagers to be specific have been using this platform to just show off their perfect moments, even by faking it which caused others to question their imperfect but yet beautiful lives and to feel inferior about themselves. This “likes” can really be addicting and also it changes the way we follow the lives of others. People should not get caught up in the fake reality of Instagram world and just be ourselves instead. Stalking has also been a bigger problem, since Instagram made it easy to peek into others’ lives. Thus, we need to stop scrolling Instagram mindlessly and look into our surroundings and experience the real life, not just virtually.

Ferina Jenny