Dos and Don’ts You Need to Know Regarding Hair Growth Serum in Singapore

    Dos and Don’ts You Need to Know Regarding Hair Growth Serum in Singapore

Due to various reasons, some people suffer from hair loss. While it is true that everyone loses some every day, others have a higher count than the average person. The knowledge that they may go bald one day can have a significant impact on their self-confidence. Fortunately, hair growth serum exists in Singapore

. Generally speaking, these products stimulate growth by increasing blood flow to your scalp using proteins and antioxidants.

However, like every product that concerns your body, there are things you can and cannot do when using them. Following these tips allows you to maximise its advantages. Furthermore, these instructions are meant to inform its customers about the possible risks that come when an individual fails to follow directions. Therefore, here are some dos and don’ts you need to know regarding hair growth serum. Continue reading for more information.

Dos and Don’ts You Need to Know Regarding Hair Growth Serum in Singapore

Do Check Your Options

When buying a hair growth serum in Singapore, you should always check your options. Browse all available products in a store and go through their details, such as ingredients and instructions. Ideally, they should contain zinc, selenium, vitamin B, and vitamin D. Furthermore, consider visiting other stores to see their merchandise. While there are plenty of brands to choose from, only a small percentage of those items can work with your hair without any significant downside, if there are any at all.

Do Wash Your Hair Before Using It

While it may be exciting to use your hair growth serum after buying it, don’t forget to wash your hair first before applying it. These products work by protecting harmful particles in the air, such as smoke and pollution. Using it on unwashed hair renders the product useless. Moreover, it can make your head look oily.

Therefore, consider washing your hair before applying your hair growth serum. After cleaning, dry it with a towel and use the product to give your head that glossy, soft look.

Do Consider Your Hair Type

As mentioned previously, despite the amount of hair growth serum products on the market, only a handful of those brands work for you due to the differences in hair types. Some items contain formulas for specific hair types and benefit those more than others. Fortunately, manufacturers often state in their merchandise the information regarding which hair types their products work on, making your task easier.

Do Consult With Your Dermatologist



If you have no idea which is the best hair growth serum for your hair type, consider setting an appointment with your dermatologist. Remember that these experts are knowledgeable in matters concerning your hair and scalp. Therefore, it should be easy for them to recommend which brands you should purchase. Additionally, they may offer you scalp care shampoo products to promote hair growth.

However, if you don’t have a dermatologist or have no experience in dealing with them, remember to consider the following factors to help determine which clinic is suitable for you:

  • Specialisation
  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Patient Reviews
  • Quality and Price of Their Service

Don’t Overuse It

Never forget that excessive use of a product is never a good thing. When applying your hair growth serum, ensure that you are familiar with the instructions. If the product is a recommendation by your dermatologist, be sure that you follow their advice if you want to maximise its effectiveness. Too much of the item can cause your hair to look flat and greasy, which is what you don’t want to happen, especially if you are attending a social gathering later in the day.

Don’t Start on the Roots

While you might think that applying a hair growth serum to your scalp and then working towards the tips is the right way to use the product, you might be committing a mistake that you will regret later. Going for the roots weigh your hair down, causing your head to look greasy. Furthermore, it can result in product buildup.

Ideally, starting from the tips of your hair and working towards the middle of your strands should be the most effective method of applying hair growth serum.

Don’t Apply It Immediately

You may notice that your hair growth serum is thick. Applying it directly to your hair can take more time as you attempt to blend the product seamlessly. However, pouring it into your hands and then rubbing it around before application is one tip you can do to avoid it. Doing so softens the serum, allowing you to rub it into your hair with more ease.

Don’t Wash the Serum



After applying your hair growth serum, avoid making the mistake of washing it off with water. If you are unfamiliar with these products, they are leave-in items that continuously work to moisturise, soften, and protect your hair from harmful air particles like smoke.


Hair growth serum in Singapore is one possible solution for individuals suffering from extreme hair loss. With proper diet and consultation from a dermatologist, there is hope to prevent the situation from worsening. However, there are things that buyers like you should know regarding hair growth serum. Following these tips ensures that you get the most out of these products.

While shopping for a hair growth serum, consider all your options. Check several stores and see what brands they have in stock. Read their details, such as application instructions and ingredients. Furthermore, don’t forget to consider getting a serum that works with your hair type.

However, if you have no idea which brands to buy, consult with a dermatologist to gain insight into the best hair growth serum.

After buying a hair growth serum, remember to read its instructions before using it. Additionally, clean your hair by washing it or taking a bath to ensure that you receive its benefits.

On the other hand, remember to apply the appropriate hair growth serum. Overapplication can result in greasy hair. Additionally, start using it on the tips of your hair rather than on your scalp.

Since a typical hair growth serum is thick, you might find it advantageous to pour it into your hands and rub it around for a few seconds before applying it. Doing so may help make it easier to put on your hair. After applying your hair growth serum, never rinse it with water to enjoy its benefits.

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