Don’t let gate keeping gamers get you down –advice for newbies

 Don’t let gate keeping gamers get you down –advice for newbies

It’s pretty safe to say that gaming has become more than a niche pursuit in the past decade. For many people, it’s a lifestyle – and for some, it’s a career! For some gamers, the idea of letting people into their world is somewhat unheard of – these are, to use a modern phrase, gatekeepers.

Gatekeeping in gaming is rife. It’s been rife for as long as online gaming has been active. Experience players calling on ‘noobs’ online is absolutely nothing new – but in a gaming climate that likely extends to your Grandma (thanks, Candy Crush Saga), is it worth keeping the gate so tightly locked?

Think of it from the perspective of a ‘newbie’ or someone new to the culture – would you expect gatekeeping at board game night, at an NJ Online Casino, or the local poker evening? Probably not – which is why online multiplayer is, in and of itself, a complex beast. If you’re a self-described newbie, you have nothing to worry about – and here’s why.

Everyone starts somewhere

As much as there’s always likely to be someone on your team or guild that feels they’re the best sniper in the league, they started somewhere. They, like you, picked up that controller or gaming mouse for the first time and entered into the great unknown. The first times we all played games such as Halo, World of Warcraft, or even FIFA online were all, in their way, magical moments.

That said, mouthy ‘pro’ gamers can slightly ruin the experience. Our advice is this – don’t let the average ‘experienced’ gamer ruin your moment. If possible, switch off team chat or their audio until you’re used to the controls and what the game expects of you. Trash talk really can put you off your stride.

Games aren’t easy

No matter what any ‘pro’ might tell you, games aren’t easy. There’s a reason why the phrase ‘Nintendo Hard’ exists. Therefore, anyone likely to flex on you for balking at a tough campaign is purely self-posturing. It’s peacocking at its absolute worst.

It’s easy to say ‘just ignore it’ – so, instead, we’d advise that you explore the game at your own pace. Learning how to play certain games alongside outspoken pros can lead to feelings of inadequacy, which are nothing to be afraid of – unfortunately, these players are out to make sure they look the best.

Therefore, why not put some time into the offline campaign or practice missions before leaping online? You might just show experienced players a thing or two – you never know!

Your game, your way

Games are – and get this – meant to be fun! Some players – the gatekeepers out there – can take things very seriously. Unless you’re making money from it, you’re under no real pressure.

In a world where we’re becoming more open to broader gamer demographics, rising trends in crypto gambling,and more – it makes sense that we all take a little more of a compassionate, open-minded outlook. It won’t do you any harm!

Ferina Jenny