Debunking Myths: 4 Misconceptions On Immigration Consultancy Firms  

    Debunking Myths: 4 Misconceptions On Immigration Consultancy Firms   

One would agree asking an agency for assistance with their PR application or appeal in Singapore is a waste of money. First, they see it as an unnecessary expense because there is no need to trust a professional when you can collate and submit all requirements to the government agency. The second reason would be the idea that these things are easy. All it takes is curating a well-composed letter for your appeal or sometimes organising everything to make sure the immigration agency sees how much of a compelling candidate you are.

The problem is the plethora of misconceptions that people hold. They either hurt the reputation of immigration partners who process the requirements of applicants who need to appeal their PR application in Singapore or consult about relevant matters. Another would be the lack of knowledge in these people that hurt their chances of securing this future.

Our purpose is to debunk these myths, and let us explore some of them in this article:


MYTH: Immigration partners or consultancy firms are expensive because they charge you for something easy to do. For instance, they will only teach you the standard Singapore PR appeal letter format when you can search it on the internet. Another would be the ease of submission because there is no need to trust someone to do it for you. Lastly, these people or companies often charge a premium for their services, so it is something everyone should consider.

TRUTH: You are obviously misguided if you believe that trusting a partner is expensive on most occasions. First, if you wish to handle your Singapore PR application rejection, you might want to consider experts who can help you strategise a feasible plan to achieve your goals. Also, the internet may have resources, but these companies have something up their sleeve. They know the latest mandates from the government and other information that helps clients. Don’t worry because these consultancy firms never engage in illegal practices to obtain their skills and expertise.

TIP: One solution is to set a budget and communicate it with the agency or consultant. First, know what service you need. Is it to appeal your PR rejection in Singapore? Or do you wish to wait a year or two and start a new application with a more compelling case? Doing this would help the company make a solution that suits your financial capacity.


MYTH: More often than not, when you process your Singapore PR rejection appeal or start a new application, companies will take advantage of your vulnerable state. One might charge you exorbitant fees over the bare minimum service, or the other might take off without giving you updates on the services you hired. With this, trusting a partner or consultancy firm is always a bad idea because you are only wasting money on scammers.

TRUTH: The only scammer in the immigration industry are companies who take advantage of people who need their services. It can be a professional who disappears after receiving payment, companies that are not licensed to carry out these services, or anyone who partakes in illegal practices. However, there are decent partners out there who seek nothing but the best PR appeal or application assistance in Singapore to their clients.

TIP: The key is to become a discerning client who knows how to spot the real ones. First, look for licences and recognitions that prove someone’s credibility. These things can be fake, so do some research about it. Second, look at their portfolio or anything that signifies their experience as consultants. An example would be their PR appealsuccess rate or feedback from their clients, both positive and negative.




MYTH: People nowadays prefer going the DIY route when processing visa applications for tourism, curating an exciting itinerary and even processing their PR appealor application to save time and money. Besides, resources are widely available on the internet, so there is no need to contact a professional or consultancy firm for assistance. Lastly, the whole process is as easy as organising the files and submitting them to the relevant agency or office.

TRUTH: DIY is not for everyone. Why? The first reason is that not everyone has the time to search, for example, the Singapore PR appeal letter format because they do not have spare time. Missing important points and details is another reason. While government websites have information, a consultancy firm knows more than the average applicant. Not to mention, they might even be an accredited partner or something that has authority in doing these things.

TIP: Always ask for assistance when doing these things, whether you are processing a PR appeal in Singapore or planning something worthwhile for your future. Also, kindly be vigilant because there are companies that are not licenced to carry out these tasks, and you should only talk to those who can do them.




MYTH: You are on your own, and after you succeed in your appeal for PR in Singapore or your newest application to try your chance, the country would not support you in any way, and you have to deal with things. You are also different from natural-born citizens, and that makes you less of a person or you have no entitlement to things.

TRUTH: The country is, by all means, supportive to both natural-born citizens and those who applied for PR and other means of obtaining their place. Why? No one is left behind, and most of these people applied to a particular country because they found, for example, healthcare very promising or their quality of life will improve over time. In fact, they did not appeal their PR rejection in Singapore only to live on their own. The reason is to seek a better living experience.

TIP: Realise that you will grow, flourish, and settle in the country of your choice with the help of the government. You earned citizenship or permanent residency after going through lengths, such as being challenged by the PR rejection appeal.

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Laura Daniel