Creative Ideas For Covering Your Windows

 Creative Ideas For Covering Your Windows

The area around our windows is a blank and often unused canvas. From offering protection in our bedrooms to enhancing our living rooms, curtains, drapes, linens, and blinds all serve both a cosmetic and a practical function. We all wish to live in nice apartments, and when we get to the finishing point in our decoration, the space around our windows makes for the finishing touches. For some great examples, we suggest trying something from the suggestions below.

1. Smart curtains

Everything is digital, modern, and improved in our world. Curtains are not an expectation, and you can live inside a smart, futuristic home today. Imagine waking up to sunrise while your curtains gently fold to the side. Or they stay where you wish and move according to your preferences and settings. With smart curtains in your home and in every room, you can achieve the future today.

When put in your living room, they can dazzle and entertain your guests as you command and control them with your every whim. And they can provide comfort and romance for your bedroom, where you don’t need to waste time adjusting them.

2. Panel Blinds

If you have large and open space, where your windows are more of a gateway to your backyard, for example, then panel blinds are the best choice you can make. They are large, rustic, robust, and ideal for covering up larger window surfaces while offering a perfect transition from outside to inside. Panel blinds offer privacy and protection from sunlight, as they are thick and built with materials that stop harmful sun rays. With just a few panel blinds, you can create an impression of a wall, further enhancing your room decor.

3. Plant the plants

Your windows could use companions and Mother Nature at their sides. Window decorations can combine the living and dead nature to create the ultimate fusion. Imagine drapes with natural tones and beautiful pictures accompanied by easy-to-maintain potted plants. Pick flowers that love sunlight exposure, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Potted plants give an earthly aroma and make your window space natural. From crawling and sprawling plants to fragrant flowers, you can pair them up with your drapes and make the natural look shine in your room.

4. Roller blinds

Some items are classics and remain forever in fashion for a good reason. Roller blinds are iconic because of their sound, mechanism, and place in our homes for ages, and they will remain there for generations to come. Instilling roller blinds gives you privacy at your whim, lets you adjust sunlight to your fancy, and can customize them to your preferences.

By going with quality and recommended roller blinds from Sydney installations, you can get blackout roller blinds, if you wish privacy and no sunlight, or a classic design for your kitchen and living room. Roller blinds go well with smaller windows and narrow spaces, as their pull mechanism does not take up space. And wherever you put them, you’ll be getting a dash of their charm.

5. Cool frosted glass

Apart from decorating the sides of your windows, you can decorate your windows! Frosted glass designs can let the creative flow from within you manifest into the real world. They can be adjusted and made to your liking, with countless design patterns, and even tailor-made to your wishes. From the outside, they protect from prying eyes as they obscure the outsider’s view.

And with prying eyes, they also stop sunlight from entering your home, if you wish to have your room like that. By controlling how much light and privacy you wish to have at any given time, you create the perfect environment for you. And the best part is that frosted glass coverings do not affect your view from the inside out, as they are only a one-way blockade.

6. Folding screens and bamboo covers

You can bring a dash of Asia into your rooms by incorporating natural materials like bamboo and sensual folding screens around your windows. Bamboo is used all around Asia as a building material, and it can be used for shades and covers. Folding screens are put in front of the window and can even create separate instances around it. Folding screens are your portable privacy sectors. If you wish to enjoy yourself in light therapy as you read, you can surround yourself with folding screens and bask in the light. Or you can cover up with bamboo covers and shades and enjoy your privacy in the dark.

7. Religious stained-glass look

Similar to frosted glass, stained glass allows your inner artist to shine. Glass mosaics have existed and been pioneered in churches for centuries, and its style has made its way into our homes. Stained glass allows for sunlight to shine multiple colors into your room, creating a rainbow or a disco effect. They are ideal if you wish to add color to your surroundings and through your windows.

It’s been proven that colors affect our moods and behaviors, so with a bit of creative thinking, your windows can bring positive thought and energy into your room. Bright colors, cheerful designs, and intricate patterns are great for people who wish to make a fashion and an art statement in their homes.

8. Match the furniture

For our last suggestion, you can take a different approach. If you’re insecure about what to put around or on your windows, what colors to use, and what type of decoration to hang, well just look around you. Each window has to complement to the room and its current design and adapt to its neighboring furniture. The color and style of your furniture can determine what goes on and around your windows. Couple that with the theme and function of the room, and you can get a solid foundation of what to do next!

Putting the finishing touches on your home decoration is a valid cause for celebration. You can consider your window decorations the cherry on top of your project, which will shine with the first light!

Laura Daniel