Choosing the best car accident lawyer in Grand Junction

 Choosing the best car accident lawyer in Grand Junction

Traffic accident and two drivers fighting

You were injured in a car accident, which was probably a result of someone else’s disregard for on-road safety. What’s next? In Colorado, the statute of limitations allows you to file for a personal injury lawsuit within three years, but your insurance claim should be filed within a short or reasonable time. Without the right car accident lawyer Grand Junction, you may have to settle for an amount of compensation much less than what you deserve. In this post, we are sharing more on what you need to know about finding the right law firm. 

  1. Ask around. If you know people in Grand Junction, just ask for references. When it comes to personal injury claims and lawsuits, it is best to go ahead with an attorney that someone known has worked with. 
  2. Check online. Almost all popular law firms in GJ have a website, and you can easily find listings on Google. Check if the attorney has good reviews, or else, you can contact the law firm directly and ask for a few client references. 
  3. Meet your attorney.  The first meeting with a car accident lawyer is likely to be free of charge, so don’t settle for a phone conversation. Insist on meeting the attorney in person, which allows for a better discussion. 
  4. Discuss the possibilities. A good lawyer will always give a fair impression of your claim’s worth and what you can eventually expect from the entire lawsuit, if needed. They will also guide you on the process, paperwork, and other steps involved. 
  5. Know their fee. Many car accident lawyers prefer to charge a part of the compensation in fee, and it makes so much sense for clients, who may not have the money to pay otherwise for a hefty fee. 

Finally, ensure that your lawyer has some experience of handling things at trial. This may be more than important for some cases, although a considerable number of car accident cases are settled through negotiation. Make sure that the attorney is representing you in the matter at all steps, and not some random junior with limited experience. 


Laura Daniel