Best street food options in Sydney

Wander down any street in Sydney and you’ll be greeted with delicious food smells. Food trucks are now scattered around the city, serving everything from burgers to smoothie bowls. But where do you know to find the best Sydney street food?

That’s where we can help. We’ve listed some of our favorite street food vendors so you can grab yourself a cheap meal on the go!

1) Dumplings at Rock N’ Roll Dim Sum

Rock N’ Roll is one of Sydney’s more popular dumpling joints, operating across various locations including Circular Quay and The Star casino. It specializes in traditional dim sum but also offers fusion flavors like crab meat with chili jam or prawns with garlic butter. They’re delicious, but the best street food value for money? Their $6 dumplings.

Best street food: Steamed Pork and Crab Dumplings

These sumptuous steamed pork and crab dumplings positively ooze freshness. Bite into one to find a mouthful of juicy prawns and succulent pork belly, all surrounded by a thin but elastic skin that boasts just the right amount of giving to make it easy to eat. The sweet caramelized sauce complements the flavors perfectly; if yours arrive without, give them a quick stir in your dish before diving in!

2) French bread pizza at Pizzetta 211

Pizzetta 211 is Sydney’s street-food incarnation of a busy Barangaroo pizzeria. The menu spans everything from pasta to salads, but street-food lovers know that the pizza always hits the spot here – and it’s an absolute bargain too!

Best street food: French Bread Pizza

The French Bread pizzas are a street food bargain. A mere tenner gets you a slice of fresh, slightly doughy pizza perfectly topped with bubbling cheese and fresh onions. Want more toppings? How about some spicy pickled peppers or spinach? And because you can order your street food straight to take away, Pizzetta 211 is the perfect place for grabbing a bite to eat on your way further up or down the street!

3) Street meat at Nomad’s Tuckshop

Nomad’s street meat eats are a fan favorite. From lamb souvlaki with garlic sauce to pork bao with hoisin-ginger sauce, all street food items come served in an edible cone made of flaky pastry or steamed bun. The street food is great value for money and the perfect way to satisfy your street food cravings on the go!

Best street food: Lamb Souvlaki

The famous lamb souvlaki has become almost synonymous with street meat culture. The succulent cubes of marinated lamb are cooked well done so they’re deliciously tender, while the tangy tzatziki works wonderfully against the richness to create a mouthful that will leave you wanting more street food and street eats.

4) Salmon bagel at The Golden Bagel Co.

There’s a reason that foodies sing the praises of The Golden Bagel Co. Its street food is served up with all the care and attention to detail as its regular menu but at way better street food value for money! It has received plenty of accolades including Best New Street Food Vendor in Sydney by SBS, Best Street Food Stall at Eatability Festival 2018, and even featured on MasterChef Australia!

Best street food: Salami & Cheese bagel

The Golden Bagel Co.’s street food provides an excellent example of how good street food can be – just check out its salami and cheese bagel! The bagel is topped with a thin but crisp layer of salty salami, which makes the street food taste even fresher. Beneath it are generous layers of melted cheese that will make you want to grind your teeth down into it. Even better street food value for money? This street eats for only $8!

5) Gourmet burgers at Burger Project

No street-food list would be complete without including burgers – especially not one based in Sydney where burger joints abound! Of course, there’s more than one stellar offering of street eats out there on the streets of Sydney… But if you were looking for flavourful gourmet burgers done well, Burger Project is our first recommendation.

Best street food: The Zillion Dollar Burger

The street food list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous zillion-dollar burger street eat! The street-food-sized burger is an absolute steal at $12, but its impressive toppings are what make it shine. If you’re looking to try out street eats in Sydney, this street food option should be high on your list!

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Laura Daniel