An Experience Finding An Ideal Portable Air Purifier in Singapore For Home Use

Allergies and respiratory problems are common health concerns associated with indoor pollution. As someone who lives in a humble flat with my wife, my kid and a furry pet cat, we want to maintain a healthy living. I believe in the most cliche adage that ‘health is wealth,’ and it couldn’t be more true in our current time. Hence I began looking for the best air purifier in Singapore.

Finding A Portable Air Purifier

We recently moved out to our new home a few months ago. As someone who wasn’t using a purifier (until recently from my workplace), I could tell I was missing something. I did not realise the full potential of using a quality indoor air purifier with the policies in our workplace for promoting minimal indoor air pollution. I owe the knowledge and awareness about safe, clean air thanks to a little research I managed to pull off in my spare time.

I never had the opportunity back then to invest in a portable air purifier in Singapore for our home. Since it was not such an enormous flat, I decided to look for a portable one instead of those bigger counterparts. Portability means I could move the device from any area, from our living room to the bedroom (since we all sleep in a single bedroom).

There were lots of quality air purifier devices in the market online. It took quite a while to figure out which supplier to rely on for purchasing my first air purifier. I also took the time to research a particular model that might work well within our home—considering the size and the filters of the unit, we want to make better choices. Buying such a unit is easy, but it really does take some time to determine the right one for you, considering that I am also considering the budget.

An Experience With Aurabeat’s

Aurabeat Singapore is one of the stores that I went up to and bought my first-ever air purifier. One can find a quality air purifier and HEPA filter in Singapore that medical professionals trust because of their wide array of use, from homes to commercial and industrial places. So I settled with the best. I bought their CSP-X1—which is a portable variant of their air purifier. It also can eliminate COVID-19 and is usable inside our cars too.

So far, my experience with Aurabeat and its product meet my expectations. I was thinking twice way back, to be honest, but looking now, I must say it was worth the purchase. I was confident with what I got, and it provided a simple but efficient solution for clean indoor air quality. I also thought about purchasing a bigger-size air purifier unit once we move to another bigger home.

It was not much for us to experience the best of protection. But with the size of our home and how we spend more time indoors and sometimes going out for travel, the choice still made an impact. It was my stepping stone to realising the importance of investing in a quality air purifier. I’m glad that I made the right choice with Aurabeat, thanks to their quality air purifier for allergies!