All About CSR: 4 CSR Activities For Children In Singapore

Most people think that CSR activities in Singapore are for adults alone. After all, children can never organise a programme, prepare food for visitors and charity recipients, and do other admin work CSR initiatives require.

But little did they know, they are small ways children can make themselves useful during charity organisation events in Singapore.

Here are the small initiatives children can contribute to CSR activities:


Children’s treasures are their toys and books. Unfortunately, some kids do not have the privilege of having one. At an early age, children learn generosity, sharing, and empathy.

Donating their excess toys and books to unprivileged children is a great way to participate in CSR activities in Singapore. For example, they can distribute these books and toys at children’s hospitals, orphanages, and rural schools.


In the US, it is common for children to sell lemonade and cookies on the side of the streets to raise funds for their dream shoes or summer camp. Product selling is a good fundraising activity for CSR projects.

Another advantage is that the funds collected are subjected to the tax deduction for a donation in Singapore. It means that the charity recipient can receive the fund in full.

Besides money, product selling can accent in-kind payments in return. For example, for every glass of lemonade, the buyer can pay with a toy or a book. Then the children can donate these items to charity.


Community service doesn’t have to be big, such as feeding the homeless or painting and cleaning the community school. It could be little things, such as picking up litter at the park, walking neighbour’s dogs for free, helping water the plants, and feeding dogs and cats in the animal shelter.

These little services teach kids compassion, responsibility, and a sense of belongingness in the community. These are the life lessons they can use later on.


One of the many overlooked CSR activities for children in Singapore is writing letters. In this digital age, it is very charming to receive a letter with doodles from children in the community. Little did people know that these simple letters motivate and boost the morale of people serving the community.

Children can write gratitude letters for the military, police, teachers, health workers, and even the elderly in nursing homes so they would not feel forgotten.

There is no too little or too big initiative when helping the communities. Instil life lessons to your children with these CSR activities in Singapore.

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William N. Ferranti