Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips


Do you know how to maintain your air conditioner properly from the best repair service? The maintenance of the air conditioner must be done periodically to keep the operation and have no problems regarding the purity of the air.

  • Cleaning Evaporator Unit
  • Gas Check or Clogged Drain

Evaporator Unit Cleaning

In the maintenance of air conditioning of the evaporator unit (machine internal to the environment), we must be careful with the external filter.

Procedure: mentioned above

  • Check if the fan is working correctly?
  • Is the filter clean?
  • Are circulation fins working correctly?
  • Is the outside clean?
  • Are the fins of the heat exchanger in good condition?

This short checklist will help to carry out preventive maintenance of the evaporator unit.

Refrigerant Gas Check

The refrigerant gas is one of the most critical components for the cooling process because it will withdraw heat from the internal environment (evaporator unit) and sends it to the external environment (condensing unit).

In air conditioning maintenance from highly trained contractors, we have to check if there is enough refrigerant gas charge for the air conditioning. If not, the machine may experience overheating of the compressor or malfunction of the air conditioning system.

When installing the air conditioning maintenance service, the installer must check that the refrigerant gas charge is sufficient to keep the air conditioning in the whole operation.


  • If the charge of refrigerant gas is not sufficient, you must explain to the Customer what is happening, and if he approves a new charge of refrigerant gas in the air conditioner, the  
  • the technician must perform the service.
  • The Customer should watch when his air conditioning is apparently in good working order, but the ambient temperature does not go down; it is a good sign that he needs a new charge of refrigerant gas.

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Clogged Drain

The drain is the equipment responsible for extracting water from the evaporator unit (machine internal to the environment). It can clog during operation and thus accumulate water in the equipment tray.


  • In air conditioning maintenance, the technician must pay attention to the air conditioning tray. If there is an accumulation of water, it can be a sign that the drain is obstructed.
  • The Customer must keep an eye on the evaporator unit tray to not accumulate water. If you notice that you have this problem, call the trusted technician to solve your problem.

Laura Daniel