Aha, OTT Has Many Telugu Free Movies

 Aha, OTT Has Many Telugu Free Movies

Indians love to watch movies. As a result, India is the largest movie-producing country globally, producing more than 1000 movies per year. Indian movies are extensions of music, dance, and drama. In India, recession times are often spent watching movies and web series.

After Bollywood, among the regional industries, Telugu cinemas, also known as Tollywood, is the most renowned industry in India. It is the second-largest producer of films in India. Telugu cinemas are originated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and most of the scenes are shot in Hyderabad. The rise of Telugu films took place in 1912, with the production and release of AnushaAdusumalli, a silent film. RaghupatiVenkaiah has been known as the father of Telugu films as he has directed and produced many films and has been travelling to different regions to promote those movies. Telugu films are successful in engaging a majority of the population by satisfying viewers’ tastes in movies. They are the epitome of romance, humor, action, thrill, and adventure. The viewer’s fascination with the content determines the success of Telugu films. The viewers are fascinated by the content. The engagement is so strong that the viewers often try to relate to the story, solve the mysteries, laugh at the jokes, and are thrilled by the actions. Telugu movies have become an integral part of society now. Various OTT platforms have started streaming Telugu movies, aha being one of them.

Many movies are available on the website for free. Some of the free movies online on the Aha website are Roja, SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu, KshanaKshanam, Gang leader 1991, Chakram, Suryavamsham

Roja: It is a 1992 Tamil language romantic thriller film, also dubbed in Telugu. Starring Aravind Swami and Madhoo in lead roles, it has a heart wrenching story of Roja and Rishi. A.R.Rahman started his career as a composer with this film.

SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu: The first multi-starrer film of Telugu cinemas was released in 2013, starring DaggubatiVenkatesh and Mahesh Babu. The film was nominated under many categories at the 61st National Film Awards.

KshanaKshanam: Starring SriDevi with Venkatesh, it is a 1991 road thriller film. It is also declared as one of the highest-rated Telugu movies on IMDb.

Subhalekha: A 1982 comedy-drama film produced by Allu Aravind, starring Chiranjeevi and Sumalata.

Gang leader 1991: A semi-fiction film based on the law exploitation and effects of mob psychology. Chiranjeevi, being the main lead with Vijaya Shanti.

Lankeshwarudu 1989 action/drama film and Tagore 2003 action/drama film are yet other films completed by Chiranjeevi.

Chakram: A 2005 drama/romance film starring Prabhas as lead actor and Asin and Charmy Kaur as female leads.

Suryavamsham: A movie starred by Venkatesh with Meena. The film is a remake of the Tamil film Suryavamsam(1997).

Aha has been a great advantage to the people who love Tollywood. Aha has been a great success since its launch. Aha provides exclusive unlimited Telugu movies and web series. The contents are ad-free, and users can watch their favorite movie or series without any disturbance or delay.

Robert Desauza