6 Tourist Attractions Near Mandalika Circuit

 6 Tourist Attractions Near Mandalika Circuit

Since it was inaugurated in November 2021 and became the venue for the 2022 MotoGP, Mandalika has been increasingly recognized. The location of the Mandalika Circuit is in a coastal area and is surrounded by stunning nature that attracts the world’s attention.

Besides enjoying the area within the circuit, the beauty of Mandalika can also be seen by visiting the surrounding tourist destinations. The choices range from beach, hill, and mountain tours.

Recommended 6 Mandalika Tourist Attractions

Located in Central Lombok, it is not surprising that Mandalika has a tourist destination full of charm. Lombok is one of the coveted destinations for tourists. What are the recommendations? Here are six super cool places close to the circuit area:

1. Kuta Mandalika Beach

The name alone is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali, but the place is different. This Kuta Beach in Lombok can be reached from Mandalika in about 16 minutes by private vehicle.

Kuta Mandalika Beach offers a stretch of clean white sand and stunning turquoise seawater. The scenery that surrounds the beach in the form of green hills is very refreshing indeed.

2. Seger Beach

The location of Seger Beach is in Sukadane Village, about 7 km from the Mandalika Circuit. Like the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, a tourist icon in Bali, there is a statue of Princess Mandalika on Seger Beach, which is a tourist icon for the area. Local people believe that Putri Mandalika chose to drown herself in Seger Beach. Another attraction is the tengkong stone which looks like a mushroom.

3. Seger Hill

After playing in the water at Seger Beach, try to do a short trekking to Seger Hill, located next to it. After the 2022 MotoGP is held at Mandalika, the name Seger Hill is increasingly famous because it presents views of the circuit path from a height.

This 150-meter hill also offers a beautiful sunset panorama and a beautiful expanse of the open ocean.

4. Tanjung Aan Beach

The interesting thing that distinguishes Tanjung Aan from other beaches is the texture of the sand. Tanjung Aan Beach is covered with pepper textured white sand. Visitors can feel it clearly when walking on the beach with bare feet.

You can enjoy the exotic scenery at Tanjung Aan Beach by relaxing under a thatched-roofed chair, sitting on the beach sand, or walking around.

5. Merese Hill

One of the most favorite spots around Mandalika to watch the sunset and sunrise is Merese Hill. Visitors can walk along the vast expanse of green grass while glancing at the blue sea. Sometimes, visitors can also see cattle belong to the residents eating grass around the hill.

6. Mount Tuak Nature Tourism Park

The following tourist destination you must visit is the Mount Tuak Natural Tourism Park which the government manages. The scenery is presented in the form of green trees, hills, cliffs, and beaches, guaranteed not to get tired while exploring the tourism park area.

The circuit surely looks beautiful, but the tourist attractions surrounding it are also very charming. We recommend spending a few days in Mandalika so you can visit all its best destinations.

Robert Desauza