6 Tips How To Take Care of Your Diamonds

More people who had loved ones passed away rely on a piece of cremation jewellery in Singapore as their source of comfort. It means that these jewellery are valuable and with meanings.

To keep your diamond jewellery in top condition, you’ll need to do more than wipe it. If you want to make sure it will last as your family heirloom, here are some tips on taking care of it.

1. Place it in a special box

Ashes into jewellery hold significant meaning, so it’s best to separate them from your everyday items. Ensure to store it in its original packaging or in a special pouch to keep it safe.

2. Always check it

Maintaining it means making sure that it’s free from any damage. Although diamonds from ashes are original and legitimate, they are still prone from scratch. If you notice any problem, consider taking them to experts or from your provider.

3. Brush it carefully

Ashes into jewellery have certainly applicable brushes made for them. Using a small bristle toothbrush and ammonia or similar cleaning agent, scrub away any remaining filth. Be mindful of the edges when cleaning.

4. Be gentle

You should always hold a loved one or pet cremation jewellery in Singapore with precaution. The more you maintain it, the better its appearance will be.

5. Preserve them

If you plan to pass them to your future sons or daughters, keep them away from direct sunlight and harsh temperature. Diamonds from ashes might get damaged if you use them when doing heavy tasks.

6. Remove when taking a bath

A common misconception among jewellery owners is that wearing it when taking showers won’t damage it. However, a piece of cremation jewellery in Singapore might expose harsh chemicals that might affect its sparkle.

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William N. Ferranti