5 Vital Factors I Considered Before My Solar Panel Installation

Buying and installing my solar power panels in Singapore was no different from the many times I’ve gone shopping with high hopes, boundless enthusiasm, and a clear idea of what I want to buy. I avoided those instances where I stood in front of a shelf staring blankly at the various product types offered by different manufacturers and unable to make up my mind. Moreover, I compiled a list of the factors I had to consider before installing my solar panels to make my ordeal a little less frustrating and time-consuming.

1. I Determined My Stay-In Duration

At least five to six years passed before my solar panel investment paid off. While I noticed an immediate reduction in my electric bills, the panels and their installation were not inexpensive, resulting in a high total cost. Therefore, investing in solar company services in Singapore is a good idea if you intend to reside in the same home for an extended period. However, if you are a person who is constantly on the move or if your job requires frequent relocation, you should consider alternative methods to reduce your energy consumption.

2. I Checked My Roof For Mandatory Repairs

Before considering installing solar panels, I questioned the age of my roof. If I knew that I would need a new roof soon or that a portion of my roof was damaged, installing solar panels was not the best option. Therefore, I addressed any necessary roof repairs before solar panel installation. Thus, I was not required to pay extra to disassemble and reassemble the work.

3. I Compared My Solar Panel Warranty To My Roof’s Longevity

I also considered the length of my roof’s warranty compared to the solar panels. Getting solar panels with a 20-year lifespan and a 10- to 15-year roof lifespan increases the cost of maintenance. To reduce the amount of effort, time, and money I had to invest, I attempted to match the durations of both projects.

4. I Verified My Roof’s Weight Load Limit

The installation of solar panels increased the roof’s load capacity. If the weight of my solar panels exceeded the weight limits of my roof, there was a possibility that it could collapse. It was risky for numerous reasons, not to mention expensive. To avoid these outcomes, a professional needed to evaluate my roof to ascertain if I needed support to complete the solar panel installation.

5. I Ensured Proper Water Channels

When it rains, water flows down my roof, into the gutters, and away from my residence. When I installed my solar panels, equipment such as wire harnesses and racks prevented water from draining and flowing freely. My solar equipment occasionally redirected the flow of water, causing leaks and other issues. These issues required repairs, which necessitated the removal of the solar panels. Consequently, to avoid all of these problems, you must inform your contractor of these concerns. They will be able to provide you with a plan demonstrating that the solar power installation in Singapore will not affect water runoff.

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