5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Wales

 5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Wales

5. Little Milton Gardens

There are many tourist attractions in the region of Little Milton Gardens such as Oxford’s Spy mission treasure trail which is a certain way to turn a normal day into an extraordinary one. Escape Hunt Oxford is another interesting attraction which can provide many hours of enjoyment. For the adventurous there is Karting Oxford which has one of the best circuits in the country and it is also set within a stadium which makes it perfect for spectators who love this sport. Expect to pay approximately £645,000 for a house in this area.

4. Swansea

You will find the city on the south coast of Wales. In a renovated warehouse you will find the National Waterfront Museum and there is an excellent exhibition of coal-industry artifacts. People should also visit Swansea Museum in order to see some amazing maritime paintings. There are also the boats in Swansea Marina. Thousands of tourists go to the Dylan Thomas Centre which features displays involving the activities of20th-century writers. High quality goods, crafts and local produce can be purchased at the Swansea Market. Average price of properties in the area is £650,000.

3. Cardiff

This is the capital city of Wales. In the UK this is the 11th largest city and it is also the primary commercial center for the country of Wales. Furthermore this city is the base for the Senedd, the Welsh media as well as a long list of national cultural institutions. This city is also home to the devolved National Assembly for Wales. Cardiff is one of the most critical industrial centres in the country. There are a lot of engineering activities, food processing and many other industries. The city is also an important center as far as media organizations, education, and law enforcement etc. is concerned. The average price of properties is in the region of £675,000.

2. Cowbridge

This is a market town settled in the Vale of Glamorgan. Cardiff is only12 miles from Cowbridge. There are many popular restaurants as well as shops in Cowbridge. It really has the best of everything because it is lying between the sea, the city and the country. It is a very beautiful place to visit and it has been named the best place to live in the Wales. According to Quick Property Buyer, a house will cost approximately £479,000.

1. Penarth

You will find this town in the Vale of Glamorgan and it is only 4 miles south of Cardiff city centre. Penarth is located on the north shore of the Severn Estuary. This exquisite little town has been named as one of the ten best places to live in Wales. This town is an extremely popular resort which is located just to the south of Cardiff. There is a large amount of pebbles on the beach but fortunately closer to the water there is a lot more sand especially at low tide. There is also an esplanade with lots of parking spaces which also provides access to toilets and several restaurants. Houses in the area can cost £328,000.