4 Underbite Methods To Know

 4 Underbite Methods To Know

Together with your Cary orthodontist, you have some excellent options for correcting an underbite. The degree of the underbite and the age of your or your child influence the correction technique that is selected. In fact, you can start treating a child’s underbite as soon as possible to make it easier for your dentist to work with their palate and bones.

When your lower teeth protrude past your upper front teeth, you have an underbite. Treatment may not be necessary in mild cases. More severe underbite can result in dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay, as well as jaw pain. By restricting your child’s use of pacifiers and thumb sucking after the age of three, you can lower their risk of developing an underbite.

Underbite methods

Some overbites can be corrected with just one of the following techniques or with a mix of techniques.

  • Braces

Whether made of metal, precise, or “hidden,” braces are the most popular method of aligning your teeth. This is the cheapest and most efficient way to correct your underbite, even though you or your adolescent may need to wear braces for two to three years in addition to a retainer after the braces are taken off.

  • Pull-Reverse Face Mask

This mask, which resembles headgear for braces, is intended for kids ten years old and under, as it helps prevent bone fusion. It uses metal bands attached to the upper back teeth to wrap around a child’s head and pull the upper jaw back into place. The mask usually stays in place better with a chin cup.

As long as your child wears this mask option as much as possible—especially while sleeping and at home—it is very effective.

  • Expander for the upper jaw

This wire-frame device will be fitted across your palate by your orthodontist. You will use a unique key each night to slightly widen the expander. The lower teeth eventually stop closing against the outside of the upper teeth as a result of the process, which causes the upper jaw to widen gradually.

To encourage healthy bone growth, you will typically wear the expander for approximately a year before switching it out for a retainer. The expander is most useful in children whose bones are still growing, even though it can also be used effectively in teens and adults.

  • Tooth Extraction

You may be able to correct your underbite by having the excess teeth extracted if your lower teeth are overly protruding. This can be carried out alone or in tandem with other techniques.

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